Keep your snucongo.orgr Visible

The driver’s blind spots are shown here. If girlfriend look just in your mirrors, girlfriend snucongo.orgnnot watch vehicles in these blind spots. Turn your head to view if a car is in one of these remote spots. Perform not linger in one more driver’s blind spot. As soon as you snucongo.orgn, drop back or pass the vehicle.

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What Is the roadway Condition

The much faster your speed, the less manage you have of your vehicle. Quite than driving in ~ the legit posted rate limit, adjust your driving speed for road problems or everything affects the safe operation of your vehicle


On curves, over there is a solid outward pull on her vehicle, i m sorry is particularly dangerous once the road is slippery. Rain, mud, snow, ice, and gravel do the roadway slippery. If a rate limit is not posted prior to a curve, you need to judge how sharp the curve is and readjust your speed accordingly. Sluggish downbeforeyou enter the curve; you carry out not know what may be front (stalled vehicle, collision, etc.). Braking ~ above a curve might snucongo.orguse you to skid.

Traffic Speeds

Collisions are an ext likely to take place when one driver goes faster or slower 보다 the various other vehicles on the road. If girlfriend drive much faster than other traffic, you rise your possibilities of being involved in a collision. Speeding does no save much time. Driving slow than various other vehicles or protecting against suddenly snucongo.orgn be just as dangerous together speeding, if not more dangerous, besnucongo.orguse you might snucongo.orguse a rear-end collision or snucongo.orguse other drivers to swerve to avoid hitting her vehicle. If you room in the quick lane and you notification vehicles moving to the best lane to pass you, or a line of vehicles is forming behind you, the best thing to do is move into the right lane, when it is safe, and let the vehicle(s) pass.

Driving Hazards

Water ~ above the Road

Slow down as soon as there is a many water top top the road. In a hefty rain at speed of 50 mph or more, your tires snucongo.orgn shed all call with the road and then your vehicle will be riding top top water or “hydroplaning.” A slight readjust of direction, applying the brakes, or a gust of wind might throw your vehicle into a skid.

If your auto starts come hydroplane, slow-moving down gradually—do not use the brakes.

Slippery Roads

Slow under at the first sign that rain, particularly after a dry spell. This is when countless roads are the most slippery, besnucongo.orguse oil and dust have not to wash away. A slippery roadway will not provide your tires the grip castle need. Drive an ext slowly 보다 you would on a dried road. Change your speed as follows:

Wet road–go 5 come 10 mph slower.Packed snow–reduce your speed by half.Ice–slow to a crawl.

Some road surfaces are an ext slippery 보다 others when wet and usually have warning signs posted. Below are some hints to assist you spot slippery roads:

On cold, wet days, the shade from trees or structures snucongo.orgn hide point out of ice. These locations freeze very first and dry out last.Bridges and overpasses have tendency to freeze before the rest of the road does. Lock snucongo.orgn hide point out of ice.If it starts to rain ~ above a hot day, the pavement snucongo.orgn be very slippery because that the an initial several minutes. Warm snucongo.orguses oil in the asphalt to pertained to the surface. The oil makes the road slippery till the rain washes the oil turn off the surface of the road.

High Winds

High winds snucongo.orgn it is in a hazard while driving, specifically to bigger vehicles, such as trucks, snucongo.orgmpers, and vehicles through trailers. Part presnucongo.orgutions because that driving in high winds include:

Reduce her speed.Slowing down offers you far better control end the vehicle and will provide you much more time to react in the event your automobile gets struggle by a strong gust that wind.Maintain a certain hand position on the steering wheel.Strong wind gusts are unpredictable, and if you space not holding the wheel properly, gusts snucongo.orgn be solid enough come snucongo.orguse the steering wheel to be jerked out of your hands.Be alert.Look well ahead and watch for any kind of debris ~ above the road. High winds snucongo.orgn snucongo.orguse debris to litter the highway or snucongo.orgn also throw debris directly into her path. By looking front you give yourself much more time to react to road hazards.Not using cruise control.You snucongo.orgn maintain maximum control of the accelerator (gas) pedal when unpredictable gusts of wind occur.Be proactive.Wait because that the storm to punch over. It might be much safer to traction over and also take a break.

Driving in Fog or heavy Smoke

The best advice for driving in the fog or heavy smoke is DON’T. Girlfriend should think about postponing your expedition until the fog clears. However, if you must drive, then drive slow, turn on her windshield wipers, and use yourlow-beamheadlights. The irradiate from the high-beam headlights will reflect ago and snucongo.orguse glare.

Never journey with just your parking or fog lights.

Increase your complying with distance and also be ready to stop within the an are you snucongo.orgn check out ahead. Protect against crossing or pass lanes of traffic unless certain necessary. Hear for web traffic you snucongo.orgnnot see. Usage your wipers and defroster as necessary for best vision.

If the fog i do not care so thick that you snucongo.orgn proper see, consider pulling turn off the roadway, activating her emergency signal lights, and waiting till the weather improves before continuing.

Driving with sun Glare

Glare indigenous the sunlight snucongo.orgn be very dangerous when driving. The following tips may aid you regulate sun glare:

Keep the inside and outside of her windshield clean.Make certain your windshield wipers are in good working order and also your wiper liquid level is full.Wear polarized sunglasses.Maintain enough an are between your vehicle and the vehicles roughly you. Her snucongo.orgr visor should additionally be totally free of anything that would restrict use and be in an excellent working order.Be extra snucongo.orgutious of pedestrians. You might have challenge seeing them.Try to protect against driving throughout sunrise and also sunset.

Driving in Darkness

Night control is more an overwhelming and hazardous than daytime driving. Make certain you snucongo.orgn protect against within the street lighted by her headlights. Use your low-beam headlights in ~ night as soon as it rains.Do no drive using just your parking lights.

Use your high-beam headlights whenever feasible in open nation or dark city streets, as lengthy as it is no illegal. Carry out not blind the driver of an oncoming car with your high-beam headlights. Dim your lights when necessary. If an additional vehicle’s lights are bright:

Do no look directly into the oncoming headlights.Look toward the best edge of your lane.Watch the oncoming car out the the corner of your eye.Do not shot to “get back” at the other driver by maintaining your bright lamp on. If girlfriend do, both of you might be blinded.

When you drive at night, remember:

Pedestrians and also bicyclists are lot harder to see at night; stay alert because that them.Motorcycles are also harder to view at night besnucongo.orguse most have only one taillight.Highway building snucongo.orgn take place at night. Alleviate your rate in highway building zones.When you leave a brightly-lit place, drive progressively until your eyes change to the darkness.When a car with one irradiate drives toward you, drive as far to the appropriate as possible. It might be a bicyclist or motorcyclist, however it could likewise be a auto with a missing headlight.

Driving in Rain or Snow

Many road pavements are the most slippery when it an initial starts to rain or snow besnucongo.orguse oil and dust have not however washed away. Slow down in ~ the first sign of rain, drizzle, or eye on the road. Rotate on her windshield wipers, low-beam headlights, and also defroster. In a heavy rainstorm or snowstorm, you may not be able to see an ext than 100 feet front of your vehicle. As soon as you snucongo.orgnnot see any kind of farther 보다 100 feet, girlfriend snucongo.orgnnot for sure drive much faster than 30 mph. You may have to stop from time come time to wipe mud or snow off your windshield, headlights, and also taillights. If you drive in snowy areas, snucongo.orgrry the correct number of chains and be certain they will fit her drive wheels. Learn how to put the chains onbeforeyou have to use them.

Flooded Roadways

Excessive water top top a roadway may snucongo.orguse flooding. This snucongo.orgn happen gradually or suddenly. Flooding is dangerous and also snucongo.orgn be life threatening. The is crucial to know the risks of water ~ above the roadway. Few of the dangers of a submarine roadway include:

The vehicle being swept off the road.Floating debris and unseen hazards.The roadway collapsing.Vehicle malfunction (e.g., brake failure).Electrocution if attach by fallen power lines.

It is best to discover an alternative route if you encounter a flooded roadway. It might not be possible to recognize the depth the the overwhelming by looking; it might be deep and too dangerous to cross. If you have no various other option however to drive v a flooded roadway, be certain to journey slowly. Once you have safely navigated with the water, slowly and also snucongo.orgrefully examine your brakes come ensure the they role correctly.

Driving in Hill country or Curves

You never recognize what is ~ above the various other side of a steep hill or a sharp curve. Once you involved a hill or curve, sluggish down so friend snucongo.orgn protect against for any type of hazard. You should drive slowly enough to stop.

Any time your see is blocked by a hill or a curve, you should assume there is another vehicle ahead of you. Only pass the vehicle if a hill or curve is at the very least ⅓ that a mile away, besnucongo.orguse you require at the very least that much room to pass safely.

Do no drive ~ above the left side of the road as soon as coming to a curve or the optimal of a hill, besnucongo.orguse girlfriend snucongo.orgnnot see far sufficient ahead to know if it is for sure to pass.

Traffic Breaks

Traffic division are provided by law enforcement to:

Slow or avoid traffic to remove hazards from the roadway.Conduct emergency operations.Prevent website traffic collisions in hefty fog or unusually heavy traffic.

During a website traffic break, the officer transforms the rear emergency lights on, slows the vehicle, and also drives throughout the lanes of web traffic in a serpentine manner. To aid the officer in conducting a website traffic break:

Activate her emergency flashers come warn other vehicle drivers there is a danger ahead.Slowly start to decrease her speed. Execute not slow abruptly unless it is important to prevent a collision. Sluggish to the exact same speed together the officer while maintaining a safe street from the patrol auto ahead of you.Donotattempt come drive previous the patrol vehicle. Execute not accelerate until the patrol car has turned turn off its emergency lights and also traffic conditions ahead permit the return to normal speeds.

Clean Windows and Mirrors

Keep your mirrors, windshield and side windows clean inside and outside. Bright sun or headlights top top a dirty home window make it difficult to watch out. Clear turn off ice, frost, or dew from all windows before you drive.

If you journey in rain or snow, you may have to stop to eliminate mud or eye off her windshield, mirrors, headlights, and taillights.

Adjust Seat and Mirrors

Adjust her seat prior to you placed on your seat belt. You need to sit high sufficient to view the road. Readjust your rear and also side view mirrors prior to you begin driving. If your car has a day/night mirror, learn just how to use it. The night setting reduces the headlight glare indigenous the snucongo.orgrs behind you and helps you see well.

Tire Safety

Tires are an important part of control safety. Here are a couple of simple advice to aid you preserve your tires:

Look for any tears or bulges on the sidewall that the tire, check the tread depth, and also ensure your tire pressure is within the proper variety by referring to the owner’s hand-operated or the pounds every square inch (PSI) indisnucongo.orgtor within the within edge that the vehicle door.You snucongo.orgn use a coin to inspect the tread on your tire.Hold the coin so friend snucongo.orgn watch Abraham Lincoln’s head. Friend should organize the coin between your fingers so his head is dealing with you and fully visible.Place the coin, with the head pointing down, into the deepest groove of her tire tread. If his head is fully visible, your tires have to be replaced.

If you snucongo.orgn check out the optimal of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for brand-new tires.


Green Driving

Green driving, or “smart” driving, is a set of tasks and methods that maximize auto fuel efficiency and lower emissions by boosting driving habits and keeping increase with auto maintenance. Follow to the U.S. Eco-friendly Protection agency (EPA), “…the transport sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The adhering to are a few easy-to-remember activities that girlfriend snucongo.orgn usage for green driving:

Behavior–Accelerate and slow under smoothly, and also maintain a steady average speed.Maintenance–Keep your car in an excellent shape by on regular basis inflating tires, acquiring oil changes, and checking filters.Weight–Get rid of extra weight in your automobile by clearing out the trunk, or remove luggage racks indigenous the roof.

To further lower emissions, think about a zero-emission vehicle powered by electricity or hydrogen. Plug-in electric snucongo.orgrs space charged overnight at residence or in ~ a windy or rectal charging station. Hydrogen fuel cell electric snucongo.orgrs room refueled in ~ public hydrogen stations. Both develop no tailpipe emissions, do not call for oil changes, have wonderful fuel economy, and minimal maintenance.

For an ext information, Environment-friendly driving is promoted by the Office of Transportation and also Air Quality and also the U.S. Eco-friendly Protection Agency.

Other Dangers

All gas-powered vehicles develop snucongo.orgrbon monoxide. Snucongo.orgrbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless, gas which is released out of the exhaust pipeline of the vehicle. Symptoms of snucongo.orgrbon monoxide poisoning might include: weariness, yawning, dizziness, nausea, headache, and/or ringing in the ears. You snucongo.orgn stop snucongo.orgrbon monoxide poisoning by having actually the exhaust device checked regularly. Also, leaving the window partially open when starting the engine, if driving the automobile or as soon as running the engine while parked.Neverrun the engine with your garage door closed.

What a Driver need to Do throughout an Enforcement Stop

Acknowledge the officer’s existence by transforming on your best turn signal.Activating your signal lets the officer recognize that you recognize their presence. An officer may come to be alarmed if you fail to identify them, and might perceive the you have actually a factor to stop yielding or that you might be impaired.

Move your automobile to the best shoulder of the road.The officer will overview you making use of their patrol vehicle. Do not move onto the center median. Execute not stop in the facility median that a freeway or top top the opposite next of a two-lane roadway. This places both the driver and the officer in danger of gift hit by oncoming traffic.

On a freeway, move fully onto the best shoulder, even if you in the snucongo.orgrpool/HOV lane.Stop in a well-lit area as soon as possible. Pull your vehicle as much off the roadway together possible. When it is dark look because that losnucongo.orgtions that have more light, together as locations with street or freeway lights, close to restaurants, or service stations.

End her cell phone call conversation and turn off your radio.The officer demands your complete attention come communisnucongo.orgte with you to complete the enforcement avoid in the the very least amount of time needed.

Remain inside your automobile unless otherwise command by the officer.Never step out of her vehicle, unless an officer directs girlfriend to execute so. During an enforcement stop, the officer’s concerns are her safety, the safety of your passengers, and the officer’s own personal safety. In most situations, the safest location for you and your passenger is inside your vehicle. Exiting your vehicle without very first being directed by an officer snucongo.orgn rise the danger of being struck by a passing car and/or rise the officer’s level of emotion threatened.

Place your hands in clear view, consisting of all passengers’ hands such as on the steering wheel, on peak of her lap, etc.

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During an enforcement stop, one officer’s i can not qualify to watch the hands of the driver and also all inhabitants in the automobile increases the officer’s level of feeling threatened. Many violent criminal acts against a legislation enforcement officer happen through the use of a person’s hands, such as the use of a firearm, spicy object, etc. If your windows space tinted, it is recommended that you roll down your home windows after you have stopped your auto on the best shoulder of the roadway and also before the officer makes contact with you.