Pawning jewelry is among the fastest means to make a rapid buck once you’re in a pinch. It have the right to be sad to let walk of your old valuables, yet sometimes paying receipt is the priority. You might wonder, though, just how much cash her jewelry can lug in. Is it worth it come sell?


One of the most common types of jewelry to sell at a pawnshop is gold — yellow is constantly worth something. That traded 24/7 ~ above the financial market, so price fluctuate every the time. This makes it an overwhelming to determine exactly how much your bracelet, watch or chain will certainly be precious from sooner or later to the next, but you deserve to do some calculations to identify what girlfriend will most likely receive native a pawnshop.

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Make sure it’s Clean

First, prior to you take your gold come a pawnbroker, make certain you clean the thoroughly. Just like any kind of other type of item, pawning your jewelry will provide you the highest possible return as soon as you do it look at as brand-new as possible. And also use the ideal kind of cleaning solution — one specifically produced gold.

Know the Weight

The load of your gold will play into the full value. Pawnshops either usage grams or pennyweights for measuring units. One pennyweight is 1.55 grams, for this reason it’s basic conversion calculation if you have to compare supplies from lot of pawnbrokers

Find the end the Purity

The purity that the steel will also influence your pawn offer.

10 karat: 41 percent gold14 karat: 57.5 percent gold18 karat: 75 percent gold

The purer the gold, the greater the value.

Assess market Value

The price of yellow fluctuates constantly, so check current prices for the many up-to-date estimate. Climate you deserve to calculate the sector value of her item based upon this equation:

Trading price of gold/31.3 x portion of yellow x weight.

If gold is trading because that $1,200/ounce, you have actually a 14-karat chain and also it weighs three grams, your equation would look like this:

$1,200/31.3 x .575 x 5 = $110.22

Now remember, that’s the market price of her gold’s melt value, however pawnshops offer less in order come resell the article to make a profit.

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Get one Offer

Pawnshop customers who mean to receive the very same value for their gold jewelry the they initially paid i will not ~ be satisfied. When stores market jewelry, castle are bookkeeping for the prices of manufacturing and also marketing the piece. You will not recoup this cost. Also, pawnshop prices are designed to enable the pawnbroker to make a benefit off one item. Otherwise, exactly how would they continue to do business?

It is possible to obtain a fair, reasonable price offer once pawning jewelry, you just need to go to the best place. If you have actually a realistic watch of the precious of your jewelry, it’s less complicated to call if you’re acquiring a an excellent deal.

You deserve to trust Premier Pawn because that straightforward offers. We can assist you gain through your difficult times and come up through the cash girlfriend need. Call or visit our save today!