A tendency of striking under wheat cent at branch mints continued. Resulting in premium 1935 coin value. Identifying mint point out of this branch mints is component of the date | Mint mark | Condition process of locating worth on the chart.

Step One: Date and Mint Marks room identified and also confirmed.

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The following step: problem plays a big role in just how much a coin is worth. Judging a coin in over average condition and also a branch mint issue, spots a premium coin.


Steps resulting in Value:

Step 1: Date and also Mintmark selection – determine each date and also its mintmark variety.Step 2: Grading problem – Judge condition to recognize grade.Step 3: Special qualities – specific elements either enhance or detract native value.
1935 Lincoln penny ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1935 Lincoln Penny worth Up-Dated2021
1935$0.04 $0.04 $0.05 $5
1935 D$0.04 $0.04 $0.20 $4
1935 S$0.04 $0.04 $0.21 $6

Confirming Date and also Mint note is a first step in the worth process. Collectors of this wheat cent have established elusive date and also mint mark combinations. The result: a premium has occurred with the branch mints of 1935.

Date and also Mint Marks space imaged, identify the varieties.

Continue the value procedure by judging condition. The chart highlights 1935 cents are often discovered heavily worn. An instance in well grade - moderate wear - starts to present a premium.

Grade problem by equivalent to images of various stages the wear. Descriptions to mark important point to judge.

Step 1: | Date and also Mintmark Combination

1935 Mintmark Varieties

Added work-related shifts were required at the mints come meet demand for young coinage in 1935. Regular hours, overtime and extra everyday shifts coined a full of 331,090,000 cents. 3 mints produced cents including to the arrays of the year.

1935 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint struck the Coin


Philadelphia 1935 cent are abundant on a rarity scale. Circulated instances are generally found v a moderate quantity of wear. Collectors effort to include either easy worn or Mint State (no-wear) coins to your collections.

On the reverse indications of greater condition room noticeable sharp, separated currently in the upper finish of the wheat stalk. The following step to value - grading - is extended below.

1935-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint to win the Coin


Millions of coins produced results in an numerous supply accessible to collectors today. Although lengthy gone native circulation a huge number were saved. A notable coin worth closer inspection screens even color over the surface. Splotchy shade is a notorious result of the effects of time top top the copper alloy used. A combination of even color with sharp details is a coin of attention to collectors.

1935-S Lincoln Penny

"S" Mintmark Under Date: mountain Francisco Mint to win the Coin


San Francisco developed the fewest cents 38,702,000 in 1935. Return a coinage much less than the two other varieties, only a little premium is awarded for average, middle worn examples.

It take away an eye appeal coin come reach greater value. Notification the lettering follow me the rims, a satisfaction coin features flat lettering top top a level field. Lettering the rolls increase the rims is less preferable to collectors.

Step 2: | Judge problem to identify Grade

Grading find 1935 Penny worth Listing top top Chart

Value differences noted on the chart reflect the condition - class of the coin. Grading wheat pennies judges quantity of wear to the surface. Images are usage to visualize these differences in grade.

Preserve aesthetic value by examining these old pennies end a soft surface and avoid sneezing or coughing. Copper reaction to humidity and moisture.


Uncirculated Grade: To with the Mint State - Uncirculated class a wheat penny has actually survived without any wear come the devices, legends, and also fields that the coin. Initial surfaces continue to be covered with mint frost displaying a good texture and reflectivity.

Many well details exist on a coin without wear. One area vulnerable to contact is just above the ear expanding forward to Lincoln"s temple. Hair waves room high in profile and also must remain without any smoothing come the really tops that the waves. High and low locations are distinct with no indications of friction top top high points.

Original copper-red and yellow luster consist of the 1933 mint state penny imaged. Eye appeal is strong and appealing to collectors. A lack of abrasions in the ar in front and also behind Lincoln are signs of a well-preserved wheat cent.

Extremely good Grade: Just a brief time in circulation outcomes in tiny areas the flatness start to show up on the as whole design. Irradiate noticeable wear is one indication that the incredibly Fine grade.

Hair above and behind the ear is slightly flattened to the upper most parts. Waves of hair stay separated through a tiny merged spot above the ear. Crisp and bold is a separation of Lincoln"s holy place from the hair line.

A detailed portrait that Lincoln continues to be on the exceptionally fine great 1935 penny imaged. Wheat cents produced in the 1930"s through light wear are affordable and also sought through collectors. Adding to the "look" and also appeal that this coin is a lack of distracting marks. Toning in shades that soft tans and browns room undisturbed.

Fine Grade: Wear is coming to be noticeable top top a wheat cent in fine grade. Loss of metal from high locations surrounding Lincoln"s ear is bring about a merger to many parts of the design.

Lincoln"s ear is tho visible yet well linked to hair both above and behind. A small but visible flat area extends native the ear to the temple area. Ample detail remains to the bigger waves that hair.

Despite security time in circulation and loss of detail, bold and crisp lettering and also date remain. A well-defined portrait is clear, and no big marks are visible. Eye appeal, important to collectors, is additionally displayed by soft brown tones that color.

Good Grade: Wide-spread areas of flatness end the portrait specifies a wheat cent in the an excellent grade. Lincoln"s ear is visible yet mostly an outline remains.

Hair information behind Lincoln"s ear is missing, tide of hair are now worn smooth. His ear is slightly visible, traces of hair detail towards the top and back are simply visible. A link of the contour of his holy place area and also hair is a flat surface.

Overall see of this wheat cent is positive. Date and legends are clearly readable. A natural toning is evenly spread without discoloration. An appealing, affordable wheat cent in demand by beginning and young collectors.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Additional insight into value and judging problem is covered by visiting Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies. Plenty of later date wheat cents post 1943, are separated in value by easily recognizable distinctions in condition. Beforehand dates, pre 1944 are greater in value and need closer inspection.

Step 3: | Special features Enhancing Value

1935 Brasso Cleaned Penny

Collected in the early 1960"s the 1935 penny imaged stayed in a coin folder because that decades. A nice circulation find; through a moderate quantity of wear, apparent by the flattening that Lincoln"s cheek and also jaw. A solid strike is listed by the well-defined rim bring about raised lettering and sharp date.

Stunning are the color on display. Fiery red, violet, deep orange, and gold browns play across the surface. Lincoln"s bold portrait is rendered by lively yellows on high points and darker shades of red and brown in ~ the architecture brining out subtle details. Bright fields backlight the legends including depth and also dimension.

Shortly after placement in the folder this penny was given a cleaning through a soft application of Brasso. A brown circulated penny was cleaned come a yellow brightness. Now housed in a cardboard coin folder, cleaned by Brasso, that rested quietly for decades. Although clean a coin is never ever advised, 1935 is an available date in circulated condition, worth affordable. Decades in the "making" this coin does have actually a details charm.

In a vast majority of situations, clean a coin lowers its appeal come collectors seeking original toning and surfaces. Worths after clean are substantially less 보다 if left in their herbal state.

When reviewing collections in search of dates and mints the high value this 1935 penny is a fortunate find.


US Mint. 1936 us Mint annual Report https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51

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