After roger Maris broke Babe Ruth"s home run document in 1961, Topps made Maris the lead-off hitter in its 1962 baseball map set.

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In acknowledgment of i get it Maris’ record-setting 1961 season, Topps make the Yankees slugger the lead-off hitter in that is 1962 baseball map set.

The wood-paneled, No. 1 card portraying Maris following through near a batting cage in 1961 is rather affordable, v a current scan of eBay mirroring a price range of $10 to $64, relying on condition. The same collection also dedicated a four-photo, sequence card of Maris blasting his 61st homer. The Topps No. 313 was available for as low as $5 and also as high as $1,200 because that an authenticated version signed through Maris.


After Maris belted a document 61 home runs in 1961 come surpass Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record, other souvenirs native the 1961 season additionally became an useful pieces of memorabilia.

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The Aug. 18, 1961 concern of Life magazine featuring the M&M boys — Maris and also Mickey Mantle — standing in prior of a photo of Babe Ruth was recently being readily available for together low together $35 and also as high as $75.

2 baseballs, bearing authenticated signatures of Mantle and Maris, to be going because that $4,495 and also $25,000, respectively.

If friend are in search of something different, you can get photographs signed by Tracy Stallard, the Boston Red Sox pitcher who served up Maris record-breaking blast, for $45. It reflects a dejected Stallard top top the mound as Maris ring first.

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