The 1982 George Washington Commemorative fifty percent Dollar (Buy on eBay) marked the start of the contemporary commemorative coin era. The coin to be issued come celebrate the 250th anniversary that the bear of George Washington.

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The obverse that the coin portrays George Washington ~ above horseback. The reverse functions the east facade of Washington’s residence at mount Vernon, through a heraldic eagle appearing below. The coin was designed by Elizabeth Jones, who was serving together the cook sculptor and engraver that the United claims Mint at the moment the coin was issued.

The obverse inscriptions read “George Washington”, “Liberty”, “250th Anniversary of Birth” and the date “1982”. The reverse inscriptions include “United claims of America”, “In God we Trust”, and also the denomination “Half Dollar”.

Coins were struck in 90% silver and represented the very first 90% silver coins to be produced by the United says Mint since 1964. Proof and also uncirculated versions to be issued, with proof coins struck at the mountain Francisco Mint and the uncirculated coins struck at the Denver Mint. A maximum authorized mintage that 10 million coins was created by law. The coins were originally sold at a discount for throughout a “pre-issue” period before continual prices went into effect.

Unlike many subsequent modern-day commemoratives, the George Washington fifty percent Dollars were produced in anticipation the sales throughout 1982 and also 1983, although every coins to be dated 1982. When the us Mint ultimately stopped agree orders for the coins top top December 31, 1985, a quantity of more than one million unsold coins to be melted. Nonetheless, the program accomplished a benefit of an ext than $36 million, which was deposited right into the Treasury basic Fund.

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Due to the high mintage the this issue, the coins remain readily available for existing day collectors. The predominant factor in valuing the coins is the market price of silver, based on the coin’s silver contents of 0.36169 trojan ounces.

Coin Specifications

Designer: Elizabeth JonesWeight: 12.5000 gComposition: 90% silver (0.3617 ounces the silver)Diameter: 30.6 mmMaximum Authorized Mintage: 10,000,000 (across both options)

1982-D Uncircultaed George Washington half Dollar

Pre-issue Price: $10.50Regular Price: $12.50Final Mintage:2,210,458

1982-S proof George Washington fifty percent Dollar

Pre-issue Price: $8.50 continuous Price: $10.00Final Mintage: 4,894,044