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instead of fuel tank module/sending unit because that "" evade Cummins trucks. Replaces Mopar 4798671.Roll end valve no included. You must re-use your original roll end valve.*Includes rubber tank seal.If you space installing this fuel tank module in your "" truck, friend will require the wiring exploit adapter (Part number: GG-WHADAPT9495).
Owner Response:Please offer us a contact to talk about the special, of your truck. We" be glad to help you with this. Assistance phone is (770) 886-2500. Give thanks to you!
This module comes without the vent valve. You have to re-use the old one. No directions because that removing the from the old module. The would have actually been nice come know prior to hand. I meant a fall in replacement.
The cummins 12 valve probably a good engine, why would certainly anyone desire an old dodge anything? mine customer has actually a 95 BR2500 2wd and also the fuel gauge was not working. Required the entire tank module. After looking for days, i finally referred to as Geno" and also they had something that would certainly work. Mounted it and also the customer is happy. Thanks.


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