The speedometer and also odometer measure up the speed and the distance driven. They space electronic contents that check out a collection of electronic pulses that have been convert via the vehicle’s computer system into readable data such together the speed. The pulses are yielded through a rotation sensor in the infection that calculates the driveshaft’s median rotational speed. The sensors are a set of magnets that provide a pulse.

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When a Dodge lamb 1500 speedometer is no registering speed, there space a couple of possible causes. Below are some tips for locating the problem.


No Speedometer

You may be saying, “My speedometer is not registering speed, but everything else is working.” If so, it can be the your fuse has blown.

inspect the fuse come the speedometer replace it with an additional 15amp fuse Make sure that you fill the spare 15amp fuse slot or the problem will not go away, and the absent fuse may cause other malfunctions to take place

Warning Lights

“My Dodge ram 1500 speedometer stopped working, and my ABS light, inspect engine light and also brake light signs are all on.”

There space a few things that can be wrong here, yet generally, this scenario involves either the ABS or the speed sensor. Every one of these indicators are bound together. Sometimes the speedometer needle will certainly “bounce” when the automobile is stopped, indicating an concern with the ABS device rather 보다 the speedometer itself.


Your ABS controller or module may be the culprit. The controller is the most basic to check first. Occasionally water or condensation gets inside the controller and also stops that from working. Disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable, and check the unit for water. The is located behind the battery, and likewise check the plug behind the battery. These two areas seem to collection the condensation the will put all the warning lights on and also stop the speedometer. Punch the water out with an air hose and permit it come dry prior to reassembling.

If you require to adjust the Controller Antilock Brake (CAB), below are the steps:

remove the an adverse battery cable relax the connector locking manage on the CAB and remove the connector remove the CAB install the brand-new CAB in the real estate Bolt it earlier on and connect it come the wiring usage the connector locking handle to affix it Reattach an unfavorable battery cable

If you need to readjust the Hydraulic regulate Unit (HCU), right here are the steps:

Disconnect the ABS exploit from the HCU Disconnect the exploit on the HCU Disconnect the brake lines come the former brakes eliminate the HCU native the fender panel and the valve native the engine compartment. Covering the valve to store dirt out of the currently Unbolt the controller Install new HCU and mount it Tighten the bolts, and reconnect the ABS harness to the HCU and also the CAB Reconnect the brake lines, tighten and also then fill and also bleed

Speed Sensor

In part cases, the problem originates from a negative speed sensor. This sensor triggers ABS and also speed malfunctions. It is straight wired come the ABS and also located in the rear differential housing. Inspect the wires because that any type of damage before proceeding to change the rate sensor. It might be a case of worn or damaged wires in between the two parts. Periodically wiring it s okay tiny feet in it from debris that permits moisture inside.

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In stimulate to change the speed sensor, here are the steps:

Park flat and also disconnect the negative battery cable eliminate the wheel and also assembly top top the sensor side Detach the brake line from the sensor remove the rate sensor and also housing indigenous the differential Disconnect the sensor from the wiring real estate Install the brand-new sensor and reverse the indict

These room the most usual reasons the your Dodge ram 1500 speedometer might stop working properly. They are not complicated fixes. If friend disconnect your brake lines, be sure to make sure they room in appropriate working problem after girlfriend reassemble her truck prior to driving.