How to change Brake irradiate Switch 98-99 Ford Explorer

Check out this video clip to learn how to change the brake light switch in her 98-06 Ford Explorer. If your lights don"t job-related after changing bulbs, try this!

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examine the bulbs if one or much more of her brake lights room still working. If none are working at all, you can have a poor brake move or a blown fuse. To dominion out a puffy fuse, inspect your fuse box and use the hand-operated to determine which fuses are responsible for the brake lights. If it’s not a negative bulb or puffy fuse, you deserve to go on to replace the brake switch.
Under the dash, unclip the yellow clip securing the brake switch. Unplug the brake switch. Make certain not to shed the small bushing on the mounting, as they are prone to flying away. Unplug the brake move from the wiring harness.

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plug in the new switch and secure with the little yellow plastic clip. attach the wiring harness. Again, ensure all flying bushings space firmly wherein they should be and all tiny parts room accounted for.

Brought girlfriend by your source for quality replacement parts and the best service top top the internet.Hi. I"m Mike Green. I"m among the owners of 1A Auto. I want to aid you save time and money repairing or preserving your vehicle. I"m walk to usage my 20-plus years experience restoring and repairing cars and also trucks favor this to display you the correct way to install components from The ideal parts mounted correctly; that"s walking to save you time and also money. Say thanks to you and also enjoy the video.In this video we"re walk to display you how to change the stoplight move on this Explorer, and also give you some tips ~ above diagnosing negative brake lamp or brake lights the don"t work. To replace a stoplight switch, you actually don"t need any tools, return you may want to usage a level blade screwdriver or a pair of pliers.As friend saw, the brake lights on this explorer are working fine. That wasn"t the instance when I gained it. Once I got this truck, the third brake light was working, yet the reduced two weren"t working. What you want to check for first is bulbs. Ns was actually kind of surprised to find- Here"s one of the old bulbs indigenous the car. Hopefully, you deserve to see that the filaments in reality look fine. At very first look this bulbs look at fine. Simply on a whim, I placed in a new bulb to test. It came to be that simply the bulbs were negative in mine brake lights. If you"re having actually an concern with your brake lights not working, and indicator is the your 3rd brake light is working and your various other lights aren"t working, inspect the bulbs. Even if her bulbs look fine, go ahead and also replace it v a new one and see what happens.If nobody of your brakes room working, then what you need to look for and try is the brake switch. This is an installed up under the dash. It"s actually fairly easy to replace. Within they have actually some contacts. Contact can obtain corroded. Also, they deserve to break, leading to the switch not to work. Again, favor I said, it"s a pretty straightforward replacement. I"m going to present it to you.Before you in reality go in and also replace the brake switch, another thing you obviously have actually to inspect is her fuse block, which is right here on the side of the dash. I"m going to present you - just in situation you don"t have actually it - yet your manual has a very an excellent guide to which fuses room which. I"m walking to carry out a close increase of the hands-on right here. Sometime. Below it comes. Hopefully in HD, if you get that, you can freeze framework it and also get a an excellent enough picture off of it. Actually on this car, there room two pages. There"s also, if you look right below my thumb up ~ above top, that"s the fuse block that"s under the hood of that car. As much as the brake lamp go, I think it"s the number three and also the number ripe fuses. You simply want to examine those, and make certain you don"t have a fuse blown, either before you walk trying come diagnose a switch or anything like that.Here, I"m actually just taking off that lower trim plate. Girlfriend don"t need to do this. I"m simply doing this to obtain a far better angle as much as the video clip goes. If you carry out want to do it, it"s just four screws. Eliminate them, and also put it to the side. Currently here, increase under the dash, you can see that"s the brake rod. There"s a small yellow clip. I"m simply going to usage my thumb. You can want to usage a screwdriver. I"m using my thumb to press that clip up off. It"ll fly right off of right here in a second. When that clip"s off, take a organize of your switch right there and just job-related it ago and forth. Move it to the left. I"m moving it over in the direction of the driver next wall. When you move it over that way, then you in reality pull it down. You have the right to see appropriate there that silver obelisk is with it, so you traction it out. Currently you deserve to see, you pull it right down. There"s a bushing the goes between the brake booster rod and that shaft. It has tendency to fly turn off sometimes, so make certain it remains in place or the gets back in place. Here"s my move hanging down. There"s a clip top top the next of it, so you just want to pull the pin out of the side. It"s simply a small serrated pin the sticks in there. Climate there"s a small button right here to push and pull the connector out. Here"s the brand-new one from 1A Auto ~ above the left side and the initial on the left side. You have the right to see there all the same. Everything"s going come go together the same. Everything"s walking to plug in the same and work correctly. If your switch is bad, then the brand-new one is walk to occupational the method it should. We"re going come go move the camera here and reinstall.Just plug her harness in and push the clip in to re-secure the harness. Back up underneath, you desire to feel up in there, or look up in there, and move that grasp cylinder pole over just to the sheet of the shaft. Make certain that bushing is quiet on there. I"m emotion my way to do this. Ns can"t in reality see. Gain the move up ~ above there. I"ll obtain the angle right here in a second. Press the move up, then push it on to the shaft. Looking indigenous the various other side, I"ve got that tiny yellow clip in my hands. You have the right to tell I"ve done this type of thing a couple of times, or possibly you can"t. That knows? trying to carry out it when holding the camera in her hand is no the easiest thing. Not being maybe to view anything. Take the tiny clip, and the hole is up on the optimal so you want to put it up on top and also then on slide it down. You have to be every set.We expect this helps you out. Lugged to friend by, your resource for high quality replacement parts and also the best service ~ above the internet. You re welcome feel cost-free to call us toll-free at 888-844-3393. We"re the company that"s here for you on the internet and in person.