Windstar fuel pump wiring diagram

Here’s the Windstar fuel pump wiring diagram

If the fuel pump doesn’t job-related in your Ford Windstar, inspect out this fuel pump wiring diagram. In that you’ll watch that the fuel pump relay requires TWO fuses; one to power the relay manage coil and also a second fuse going to the relay contacts. The control coil 10A fuse is in the central junction box, the second fuse 15A is in the battery junction box.

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Don’t forget come reset the Inertia Fuel Cutoff Switch

The inertia fuel cutoff move is located in the


Early Ford inertial fuel cutoff switch

right behind of the Windstar. It’s draft to reduced off strength to the fuel pump in the event of one impact. However, also a slight bang in a parking lot deserve to be enough to toggle the inertia fuel cutoff switch, cutting strength to the fuel pump. The symptom will certainly be prolonging cranking however no engine start.

How strength gets to the Windstar fuel pump

Power operation from 2 fuses come the fuel pump relay in the battery junction box. When you revolve the key, the PCM check the PATS antitheft mechanism to ensure you’re making use of the ideal key. The PCM additionally checks the transmission regulate switch in the steering column to make certain you’re in park or neutral. If the PCM can’t check out park or neutral or the PATS doesn’t inspect out, it won’t administer ground come the manage coil in the fuel pump relay.

If everything is a go, the fuel pump relay manage coil generates a magnetic field which closes the contacts and sends strength to the inertia fuel cutoff switch. Indigenous there, power flows to the fuel pump.


Windstar Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

Let’s look in ~ the Windstar fuel pump wiring diagram.

As you can see in the fuel pump wiring diagram, the fuel pump requirements power and ground to operate. The ground because that the fuel pump is G101 located in the lower left prior of engine compartment. Strength to the fuel pump goes with splice S 132 situated in the dash dashboard to headlight harness near take turn off to inline Circuit 100F.

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Diagnose Windstar fuel pump wiring

Check both fuses

Reset the inertia fuel cutoff switch

Disconnect the connector in ~ the fuel pump and also check for power and an excellent ground. If girlfriend don’t watch power or ground, eliminate the fuel pump relay and make certain you’re gaining ground indigenous the PCM. If no floor in the relay socket, inspect the transmission regulate switch in the steering column.