Since this site and others favor it have actually been EXTREMELY valuable in diagnosing difficulties with mine 1999 century I assumed I would short article some how To images on replacing what shows up to be a typical problem v Centuries. If her driver side AC is blowing warmer 보다 your passenger next AC this might be your problem.

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This is your temperature actuator. As soon as its on fully cold as you can see in this picture it should be all the method to one side, and also the other as soon as hot.

Sometimes gradually this will not it is in the case. Over there is apparently a service an alert about this the end there, but GM has not had a recall on this.This project, if I had to carry out it again, most likely would only take 30 minutes to complete. Ns pulled my instead of actuator from a junkyard because that 5 bucks. I like to usage junkyard components not just for the price but I additionally get to see just how to remove the component on an additional vehicle there is no the threat of ruining my own!

Flashlight (preferably one that is small as I found it most basic to stick the in mine mouth come use two hands at as soon as

To begin with, remove the drivers side finish panel. This is hosted on through clips and also should just pull off.

Then remove the trim underneath. This is additionally just organized on v clips. I think that there might be a bolt that connects this come the other side, however I think I broke that item off one more time.
Finally eliminate the trim above the pedals. This is hosted on v those dumb black color plastic Christmas trees. Traction downward at the tree to remove. Make sure to disconnect the irradiate bulb as it will hang and burn her forehead!
I found the best way to see/get at the actuator is to relocate your seat every the means back and also tilt your wheel all the method up. Then put your legs end the ago of her front seat, and also have your shoulders down on the floorboards looking up. You will certainly look ridiculous and might obtain a sirloin to her head, but this is the easiest way to job-related as you have the right to use both hands and also be able to see. When you look at up and also to the passenger (if you"re laying prefer I was it will be her left) side you need to see this
This is her actuator. My driver is pointing at the first screw. I"ll show you this screw much better in a later picture. An initial thing you"ll desire to perform is remove the electric connector. It was red on both mine and also the junker so I can only assume yours will be too. Neglect my driver in this picture I was attempting to suggest at the 2nd screw. The connector is to the upper right of the white sticker in this picture.

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After remove the connector remove the very first screw/bolt, checked out here. Ignore the small phillips screws, they hold the actuator together and do not need to be removed. This screw is situated at the bottom left that the white sticker in this picture.