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Automotive court .com vehicle Chat > Buick > Tips and also Maintenance procedures > "97-"04 Buick Regal LS/GS Ignition move Replacement
Ignition switch replacement because that "97 - "04 Buick Regal LS/GS models:BEFORE start THIS PROCEDURE eliminate THE an unfavorable TERMINAL indigenous THE BATTERY. That IS NOT possible TO execute THE repair WITHOUT doing THIS. USE great LIGHTING WHICH will certainly HELP.Look within the slot wherein the tilt steering knob is located. There is a black metal piece wherein the knob inserts right into the tilt mechanism. Pry it earlier (to the right) slightly with a small screwdriver. When you have actually it pried, traction the knob out and it need to release.Remove the two Torx T20 screws from the bottom that the steering tower cover and remove the bottom cover. For tool use a Torx T20 masculine bit, 1/4" drive. You"ll need to grasp and pull firmly to different the bottom half from the top.Remove the one screw (E5 Star type) the holds the optimal steering shaft cover in place. It is situated on the ideal side that the cover beside the ignition crucial cylinder. Look and also work from from underneath the top cover. For tool use an E5 Star female socket. Available either through Lisle devices or port Freight tools (Pittsburgh brand).Insert the ignition key into the vital cylinder and turn the key clockwise come the begin position. Nothing will happen due to the fact that you have disconnected the battery prior to beginning this project. Background the top steering pillar cover being careful not to break it because it is still organized in location by the ignition crucial cylinder. Closely wiggle the top cover end the ignition an essential cylinder housing and with patience the top cover should be totally free for removal. Note: that is not important to eliminate the ignition an essential cylinder to execute this job. Some world do but I didn"t have actually to. Also, the may help to rotate the steering wheel come the 3 o"clock position prior to removing the ignition switch and proceeding v the actions below.The black box (module) below the an essential cylinder with all of the wires coming out of that is the ignition switch that you are changing. I recommend using the AC Delco ignition switch and also harness assembly only. Delco part number D1491D. In any kind of case make sure you have the 2 extra wiring leads and also connectors on the ignition switch and harness assembly. One is for an essential present and the other for the vital release solenoid. Look in ~ the move you have actually purchased because that this repair. An alert that the tiny white plug through two wires attached has actually a tab on the side that have the right to be pushed down, this is the relax for the plug-in. Utilizing a mirror (woman"s compact works nicely) you will view that plug-in versus the ignition switch real estate where that plugs in. Making use of a small screw driver push the release tab in versus the plug and rotate the plug 90 levels to the right to remove it. To perform otherwise may break the plug.Next remove the plug indigenous the white vital release solenoid by inserting a little screw driver and also pressing the relax tab on it. Pull downward carefully and it will come off.Undo the 2 E4 Star screws stop the ignition switch to the metal housing. The tool essential is one E4 Star form extended female socket, 1/4" drive. Available either with Lisle devices or port Freight tools (Pittsburgh brand).Remove the kick panel under the driver"s next of the dash. There should be at the very least two plastic push pin fasteners that need to be removed. On your ago and from underneath undo the plug at the opposite end of the ignition switch by unscrewing counterclockwise the 7mm head bolt in the center of the plug and unplugging it. (Use a 7mm socket and also driver). After ~ bolt is loosened carefully pull the connector stack from the key connector in the dash.There is a black color wiring connector plug ~ above top and also a gray one on the bottom that the ignition move connector plug that needs to it is in removed. This is done by prying the facility of the plug case where that meets the ignition exploit plug while sliding it forward. Note: Black and also gray plugs sandwich the ignition move plug. They room the connector plugs because that the multifunction switch. Be certain to note the position of these 2 connectors relative to the ignition switch connector for reassembly.Cut any tie wraps stop the cable harness in place and carefully feeding it out of the dash in the direction of the steering column.To install perform the reverse of the above. Tie wrap the new harness right into place. Once replacing the ignition switch make certain that the slot in the move is properly aligned with the corresponding component (paddle) ~ above the steering column. You can move the an essential to obtain it aligned appropriately or insert a little flat tongue screwdriver into ignition switch module woman slot. Also, make certain the ideal side E4 Star screw because that the ignition switch module is placed into the white vital release solenoid slot/hole very first before tightening the screw to the ignition move module and also then come the steel housing. Do not end tighten the two E4 star screws.The crucial can be released from the vital cylinder by pressing the switch on the bottom that the an essential release solenoid since battery strength is disconnected.After complete assembly reconnect the battery an unfavorable cable and also test ignition switch operation.

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Inspect all functions possible especially every the accessories.Pics because that reference:http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y186/lizzywiz/ign_01.jpgTools needed. Torx T20 bit, E4 and also E5 Star sockets, 7mm socket 1/4" drivehttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y186/lizzywiz/ign_02.jpgIgnition Switch and also Harness Assembly, Delco PN: D1491Dhttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y186/lizzywiz/ign_04.jpgIgnition switch Module being Removedhttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y186/lizzywiz/ign_03.jpgIgnition switch Module Removedhttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y186/lizzywiz/ign_05.jpgOther end of ignition switch and also harness under dashIf you have any kind of questions feel totally free to send me a PM.