the the ECM B fuse 20 amp in the under hood fuse block that powers the fuel pump thru the fuel pump relay. Here is a overview to aid test it v the fuse locations too in the diagrams below. out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you require anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed.


I can not uncover a fuse for the fuel pump on the fuse center in the vehicle or under the hood. Whereby is the fuel pump test connector?

Hello, friend are trying to find a relay not a fuse. It looks favor this yet there are probably several the look the same.


Once you find the fuel pump relay you deserve to jump the relay and also see if pump transforms on. Sorry ns don"t have pic that relays exact location.

inspect engine light on/off for weeks. Replaced o2 sensor 3 times. Traction fuel pump fuse out, put ago in. Truck currently starts. Mechanic says it will take some time to figure out what might be yes, really wrong. Can fuel pump overheat, protect against working because that a while, climate restart? Fuse contact old? Fuel pump relay the problem? any type of other ideas would be great
Fuel pump can be failing -check the fuel press to preeminence it out and additionally test the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump and also oil press sending unit.
My mam was driving and it was an extremely low on fuel. She states on fumes. She stopped and put gas in it and the truck will currently not start. I out a new fuel pump in previously this year. Is it feasible it burned out that quick and easy. Is over there a fuse or something rather I deserve to check. Say thanks to you. Invoice
first need to obtain fuel pressure built earlier into the mechanism to acquire the waiting out. Execute this by cycling the crucial ON (no crank) and OFF number of times. Then attempt to crank. If this doesn"t work-related then examine the fuel pump relay.
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