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All - thanks in advancement for the help. I have a 2000 Malibu and can"t seem to find much on this problem. Usually the AC doesn"t blow cold. I picked increase a new gauge this particular day from O"reillys. As soon as I connect the gauge and fire every little thing up, it gives me a analysis of about 50 psi. I turn on the AC and also the compressor appears to be cycling, but nothing cold is blowing the end of the dash. Its about 84 degrees here today. I had actually the trouble last year whereby the AC move on the dash wouldn"t remain on, which seems to be a huge problem. So, i took apart that switch and also cleaned everything and put it earlier together. The AC will remain on now, but the recirc is a small intermittent. Any ideas top top what to handle next? ns don"t have much experience with AC units, and no real accessibility to the higher end tools.

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you told united state it was 50 psi not running however you no tell us what that read when you turned that on ... Plus us really require to understand what both pressure
(High & Low) are to give you a much more educated guess come the problem ... Both High & low need the exactly readings because that it to work properly you say its fee up ?????? are you sure ... 50psi not running sound lowdoes it cycling on and also off pretty quick when you rotate it onIf yeslow ~ above freon OR orfice stopped up ... What room both sides readingORcondenser quit up OR fans not cooling mechanism ... Those the high side readingORlow or high pressure switch stuck or not functioning ... What are both political parties readingORcompressor totally free wheeling ... Those the low side reading
OK, I might be obtaining ready to acquire a bonehead of the year award or something. Yesterday, as soon as I put the gauge on, it read right at 50 psi, through AC running and also not to run both. This gauge is not the best. Its usually a $25 interdynamics gauge I gained at O Reillys. Ns did notification that the gauge does no zero as soon as unattached. Today, ns went out and also put the gauge back on. Now, v the AC not running, the gauge reads best at 60PSI. I rotate the AC on, and the pressure drops down to 30PSI, very different native yesterday. Ns went ahead and opened increase the deserve to of 134 and the press did rise to almost 40PSI, climate dropped a hair to about 38PSI. Ns think the can then emptied. Its fairly cool right here this morning, yet I think the air began blowing cold. I will certainly look approximately to see if I have a thermometer that can read short enough and also stick in the vents. I may likewise get an additional can and also test later to do sure press is holding and also take that up an additional 10PSI or so. So, ns don"t know what taken place yesterday. Sounds favor I can have to be making some errors, or probably something to be clogged and just functioned through through a little pressure top top it. Again, i will check it again later on today and also see if noþeles is significantly different. Many thanks for the inputs. I have a Chevy Tahoe I will certainly be tackling next, so might see one more post from me - presume this difficulty is fixed.