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Looking for the OBD-II port. I thought it would be in the owners manual yet it is not. Where would I discover it on mine 07? and also what does that look like?Thanks.
Steeda SRI w/CAI intake. Trubendz SS 2.5" . FR Susp/Struts. Song by Tom (FocusPower). Rota Grids. SAP behind spoiler. Tradition front air dam, rocker panel bits and Rear valance.Last the the Hatches #28

On my 02 the port is under a little plastic dashboard under the steering pillar by the fuse panel access panel. It will be on the driver side because that sure. Examine by the fuse dashboard access. Mine is actually labeled ODB. It will be a "socket" that the scan device plugs into, slightly trapezoid in shape, 2" wide by 3/4" high. Hope that helps!

Steeda SRI w/CAI intake. Trubendz SS 2.5" . FR Susp/Struts. Track by Tom (FocusPower). Rota Grids. SAP rear spoiler. Custom front wait dam, rocker dashboard bits and Rear valance.Last that the Hatches #28

Anyone recognize where i can discover it on mine 2012 Ford emphasis (EU)?At the left knee ~ above the driver side, there is a "drawer", seems it"s there for storage. There is a small plastic panel on the passenger next (ankle height), but it"s stuck really hard, glued? :-SEDIT
I discovered it. It"s behind the "drawer", pull it all the end (it have the right to unclip in the top).Thanks come TrackDaddy who"ve made fantastic post with images here
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