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I have a 99 ranger 3.0 4wd manual.After chasing electrical gremlins this past week for beginning issues, I have actually replaced the battery, starter, and battery cable ends. One impulsive mistake do me stimulate a new starter relay (not solenoid, relay). The starting system is well now however this relay is gonna arrive in a week and also I figure I might as well install it due to the fact that it"s new and paid for. Where can i find the starter relay? and also please dont confuse this with solenoid, the starter solenoid is attached come the starter real estate under the truck. The relay is a four write-up switch that the battery cables affix to, however I cannot seem to situate it....Thanks.

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Glad some know the difference between a solenoid(creates movement) and a Relay(passes power)Starter solenoid move the starter motor"s equipment into and also away indigenous the flywheel, movement.Starter relay overcome battery power to starter motor."99 doesn"t have the kind of starter relay you room referring to, Ford merged the starter relay come be part of the starter solenoid in the beforehand 1990"s.Usually the battery confident cable will run straight to starter motor, and a slightly smaller sized cable from battery to the Fuse box.On some models castle did have actually a Power distribution block ~ above the fender that looked comparable to a starter relay, however it was just an attachment allude until enlarge wiring harness"s were remade for various power distribution.You may have a starter relay in the fuse crate if you have actually PATS(passive anti-theft system), the is simply a continuous automotive relay that must be closed to pass strength to activate starter motor, yet don"t think that was included until 2001.Older starter motors just had the one bigger cable hooked up, the starter relay top top the fender was hooked to that one cable and also the starter relay was also hooked to battery positive.There to be a smaller wire hooked to starter relay together well, this wire came from ignition switch, when vital was rotate all the way to start that wire would have actually 12volts, this close up door the starter relay and battery power was sent out to starter motor.This is referred to as the "S" wire and also the smaller write-up on starter relay is labelled "S"The battery "post" on this starter relay was likewise the power distribution post, alternator and also fuse crate were hooked increase here.On more recent starter motors you will view the bigger wire and the smaller "S" wire hooked up, starter relay is over there now.Depending on the year there may be a power circulation block therefore the alternator and also other systems can be hooked up using older wiring harness"s, and also the starter motors bigger cable will additionally be hooked up here, but it is a directly pass thru link not a relay.So uncover the larger wire top top the starter motor, monitor it back, that will lead you to the strength block or straight to the battery.Starting circuit on manual trans vehicles overcome thru the Clutch switch, clutch pedal need to be moved down all the method to nearby this switch and pass the 12volts come the starter relay/motor.On PATS they added another switch/relay that likewise must be closed through the PATS module/computer so the 12volts can acquire to starter relay/motor"s "S" post