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I"ve excellent a search, yet I didn"t really uncover to much details on O2 place on one EX V6. I understand the downstream one is ~ above the CAT, the upstream is claimed to be on the exhaust manifold, on the Y pipe i believe.Does someone have actually a snapshot of the upstream? Is it near the firewall top top the passenger side? i assume its available through the hood.
Since girlfriend didn"t speak what year, you can put your info in and use this link.
Since you didn"t speak what year, you deserve to put your info in and use this link.
It"s a 2000. On the chart from that site, that looks choose its ~ above the Y pipe, but if I"m looking with the hood, is the by the firewall.
It"s a 2000. Top top the diagram from that site, it looks choose its on the Y pipe, however if I"m looking through the hood, is the by the firewall.

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