In the table below you"ll uncover the fuse location and also description the the fuses of the under-dash fuse box on the 1.6L 1996-2000 Honda DX, EX, and also LX.

The fuse box is situated on the driver side of the dash, listed below the steering column.

NOTE: for the fuse descriptions of the under-hood fuse box, walk here: Under-Hood Fuse/Relay crate (1996-2000 1.6L Honda Civic).

1996-2000 public EX, DX, LX Under-Dash FusesFuseFuse NameAmps
1Not Used-
2Not Used-
3Rear Wiper, rear Washer10
4Right Headligh High Beam10
5Left Headlight High Beam10
7Power home window Rear Left (Driver Side)20
8Power window Rear best (Passenger Side)20
9Ignition Coil15
10Power window Front appropriate (Passenger Side)20
11Power home window Front Left (Driver Side)20
12Turn lamp (Hazard Warning Switch)7.5
13Fuel Pump (SRS Unit)15
14Cruise Control, Keyless (99-00), Radio (96-98 LX, EX, HX)7.5
15Alternator, SP Sensor7.5
16Rear home window Defogger (96-98), ABS regulate Unit, strength Mirror (99-00)7.5
17Heater A/C Relay, power Mirrors (96-98)7.5
18Running light Relay (Canada)7.5
19Back-up Lights7.5
20Running light (Canada)7.5
21Right Headlight short Beam10
22Left Headlight low Beam10
24Power window Relay, Moonroof7.5
25Meter (Integrated regulate Unit, Interlock Sys., Gauges7.5
26Front Wiper, prior Washer20
27Cigarette Lighter (ACC Socket)10
28Radio Clock10
29Not Used-
30Instrument Lights7.5
31Starter Signal7.5
32License bowl Lights, Tail Lights7.5
33Interlock Unit7.5