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Sounds similar to the troubles I had actually on my 2000EX.When the troubles happens, deserve to you make the engine rev pass 3,000 RPM? if no it"s certain sound choose you have a sluggish EGR valve because that which over there is a technical bulletin for.Best regardsRobertC
Any settle for this yet? I have the same form of problem. Mine dealer claimed it required fuel injectors and also a valve adjustment.
The trouble was the EGR valve and there was a technological bulletin because that it.I was fortunate the the dealer extended the repair under warranty. We haven"t had any type of other problems.
Just a note..The failure that illuminates the "check engine" indicator lamp will also impact the transmission performance and therefore tripping the "TCS" indicator lamp. It is why girlfriend usually have both come on somewhere about the very same time.. Its commonly the motor power at fault and also not the transmission..

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I"m no really a Honda Tech... I simply play one on this forum..
Correct I just or to be going with this one The failure the illuminates the "check engine" indicator lamp will certainly also affect the transmission performance and therefore tripping the "TCS" indicator lamp. Thats why friend usually have both come on somewhere approximately the same time.. Its usually the motor power at fault and also not the transmission..
Now in ~ 240,000 ns don"t recommend this one for loosing up carbon yet tried one old time gas carburation method from the 50"s. Ns took the head the the hammer and gave the spreading a couple of great shocks. So much today all the irradiate flicking has actually stopped. If this stop up i will carry out an aggressive fuel cleaner for 2 tanks - and also use Sunoco no ethanol in the procedure with 4 - 3o minute highway runs
I am currently on job 2 without an concern after shocking the casing that the egr valve twice through a hammer i m sorry must have actually freed or settled a carbon issue. Again ns don"t necessarily recommend this for everyone yet at 240,000 ns am not going to start taking everything apart for 2 lights giving me the exact same egr analysis I have been acquiring for 210,000 miles. Ideal thing invest in in ODB II meter acquire the code and also decide because that yourself. If no as girlfriend will view by reading though this net sight you can chase these idiot lights because that ever and also day and also they tho wont walk out and also you will be out a ton money
well its to be a week and the inspect engine light and TCS have not showed up again, and also actually the automobile runs better. Again for me in ~ 240000 and also with one ODBll in hand ns wasn"t walking to begin taking points apart - that just never appears go fine in the end. Uneven you are going to change the EGR valve (newone) the shock treatment on the old u might try first
I have read so many of these and also I to be not sure there is always a clear reduced answer except running to the 100 $ hr dealer. Below is mine 2 c. I have owned 2 honndas. Bought among the first CVCC in Boston in ~ a motorcycle shop when they first lauched 2500 obtained me 500000. Currently I have actually one of the very first V6 odysseys 2000 and also it has 240000 therefore its just me however I rely ont hem but they have their nuisance items. V the Ody i bought one ODB2 to save in the car to resolve the forever key light comes on as result of EGR placed on 175000 with this issue. More recently the TCS light come on and also now wont walk out. Well the vehicle runs good every work I use old betsy. In any case I have systematically arrived on the transmission as the area yet I still obtain the same EGR code. In any type of case I confirm or believed I chekd the tran fluid a couple of weeks earlier and it was ok. However yesterday i went earlier and looked closer. The rod is no the easiest to read and also given the tranny raises the level when vehicle runs friend really have to wipe it clean and also recheck v it off. Fine it looked favor I essential to add fluid and also I di drove back to occupational lights still on. Anyway in ~ the end of the day once I drove residence again having actually an ODB2 ns cleared everyting that made it every the method with no lights and that incldues a few stops. Therefore is this the systems dont know but I relocated off the the 2 lights gift on all the time for the critical week. I will check back in on Monday I doubt the liquid needs completes readjust but we will see and also I additionally filled up with high octane gas not sure about this one - good lcuk