This is going to it is in a confusing one. I have attached the instructions/diagrams below for adding/changing your transmission fluid. Read through them before you start


i am do the efforts to number out just how to flush my transmission liquid on my "99 Trooper. First of all I can not discover a solitary manual on the trooper and 2nd the transmission liquid plugs room no where to it is in found. I have actually spent numerous time walk to different auto components stores and web web page in stimulate to try and find it with no luck. I have also tried to take it it in a pay for it to get done however no one will certainly touch one Isuzu that is end ten years old. Any kind of suggestions? many thanks for your assist

We carry out them through no problem as lengthy as you are not do the efforts to settle a failing transmission. Friend hook inot a cooler line and also run 16 quarts of liquid through the system.The to fill plugs room on the bottom pan and it is a procedure as to adding fluid. That is ideal done on a background by someone acquainted with this procedure.Roy

You would not take place to have/know wherein to get illustrations on wherein these plugs room would you? since I carry out not see them once we lifted it up a few weeks ago to readjust out a negative starter. Thanks.
No see that I deserve to see. The drain plug in the bottom of the pan and also there is one over it. Friend inject the fluid into the reduced one and it is filled once it comes out the top.Roy
right here you are.If they room not there, then you would have a different transmission which requires the oil pan to it is in loosened to drainpipe the oil.1. Remove all oil pan bolts except 3 bolts on rear of oil pan. Loosen continuing to be 3 bolts to allow pan to reminder downward so fluid will drain. Once liquid is drained, remove remaining oil pan bolts, oil pan and gasket. If transforming oil strainer, remove bolts and oil strainer. 2. Clean transmission oil pan. Install oil strainer. Tighten bolts to specification. Install gasket and also oil pan. Tighten oil pan bolts come specification. Include ATF v dipstick tube. Examine fluid level.
To service the transmission, you should remove the infectious diseases world fashion pan. Perform it slowly so girlfriend don"t have fluid going everywhere. As soon as it is removed, change the filter ~ above the valve body and also clean the infectious diseases world fashion pan and trans to remove all old gasket material. Turning back order and refill trans.
exactly how much trnasmission fluid do I require if I just drop the pan and readjust the tranny filter? This is a 16 bolt pan. Car is 4wd as well.
over there is no information kind manufacturer because that that, try 4 qts, it only holds 9 so it might need another at most
infection problem1996 Isuzu Trooper 6 cyl four Wheel drive Automatic whereby is the transmission liquid plug located at?
This infection does not have a dipstick. To examine fluid you use the OVERFILL screw the is top top the bottom the the infection oil pan. Friend will likewise use this same screw opening to fill the transmission v fluid.


My vehicle got noice from equipment or transmission. Therefore I try to adjust the gear oil.I experienced it"s use enginoil ""it"s right? and why the noice?
hello you have actually a bearing going the end on your transmission. Or possibly the throwout brng in the clutch billymac
I have a trooper through 500000 miles and it renders that sound it started at 90000 miles it is the reverse equipment dont worry about it to trust me it will certainly be good
very first of every I"d prefer to know if u deserve to put transmission fluid in the van under the hood somewhere? i was driving down the highway about 55 miles an hour and it popped the end of gear, ns pulled over right away. That wasn"t hot or anything and also this is the an initial time its ever before done this whenever ns pulled over the next of the hwy. I put it in gearand simply turned the engine off. To be wondering if I require transmission fluid guess i should inspect the liquid firstis there a location under the hood that this truck for transmission liquid to go? Or is it under the truck? and also maybe the alright come drive i didn"t even see if it would certainly go on native there. Very first time it ever before did this, what space your thoughts on the situation?
there is a plug on the next of the transmission to include oil, ns doubt that it is a short oil problem, the selector is organized in ar with a detent (spring loaded ball ) on the selector rail, and also there is likewise a feather clip v in the selector syncro hub as well, examine the oil anyway, that"s a an excellent place to start.
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