Considering an Audi TT Coupe?

Are girlfriend considering an Audit TT coupe as the choice for your following car? I newly purchased a brand new, 2008 Audi TT 3.2L V6 Quattro S Tronic, hard-top coupe. This replaced my 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe.

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Overall, i am happy through my purchase. Ns love the stylish exterior and also it is very fast and also fun come drive. The is for this reason compact, the vehicle fits in any kind of size parking space. I also love the significant amount of warehouse it has actually in the trunk- much more than you would certainly imagine.

But, there are a couple of things i am no crazy about and would choose to share through others who space considering to buy an Audi TT. This way, you’ll have actually no post-purchase surprises.

Why i Bought my Audi TT

For as long as I can remember, Audi TTs have been just one of my favourite cars from a “style” perspective. Small, sporty, modern, sleek and also fun.. Ahead of your time. Prior to I purchased mine 2004 Infiniti, i test journey the 2004 Audi TT. Although i loved exactly how it looked, ns was an extremely disappointed in the lack of strength it had. The Infiniti was prefer a rabbit contrasted to the TT, which was much more like a turtle.

I appreciated my Infiniti, but after 4 years of operation a behind wheel drive auto in snowy new England, I decided that my next automobile had to be either front wheel journey or every wheel drive. So, ns was very excited to learn that Audi now had a at sight powerful, 3.2 liter, every wheel drive variation of the TT.

I check drove one Audi TT model that was similar to the one I at some point purchased, yet in a various color. Like most test drives, this one took around 20 minutes and we drove about the highways closest to the car dealership. Ns remember thinking around how fun it was and also didn’t notice any feasible short comings in the car. I had additionally completed extensive internet research and also the consensus of TT owner was “I love mine car!”.

I placed an order for a TT that met my specific specs and picked it up about a mainly later. ~ driving the vehicle for 6 months, here are three important FYIs:

The TT Has limited Leg SupportThe TT Has nearly No internal Storage

Test drive a 2008 TT

Not sufficient Driver leg Support

The Audi TT coupe does not have sufficient driver leg support. I am 5’ 7” and had acquired used to really comfortable bucket seat in the Infiniti G35. The TT seats are shorter and execute not extend far enough forward to administer the ideal level of thigh support. I’ve make the efforts adjusting the chair in every possible position to no avail. I also spent hours Googling to see if I could find seat extenders that would job-related with the TT and also could not discover any.

The first couple of months I had actually the car, ns actually obtained muscle mouse in mine thighs. Now, after ~ driving the auto for 6 months, my legs are an ext used come the position. I no longer acquire cramps, however I still perform not find them that comfortable.


2008 Audi TT Interior- in between the seats

Minimal Cockpit Storage

Most cars, no matter exactly how small, have some kind of covered storage in between the passenger and also driver seat. Plenty of sports cars also have a flip open, sunglasses compartment above the rear check out mirror.

With the exception of two small, cup holders, the Audi TT has actually no practically storage. The just covered storage in the car’s inner is the glove compartment, yet even that is very little and can’t be reached while driving.

As a result, I have “stuff” stashed in the open up top door compartments. And, need to leave ingredient in mine handbag instead. That may work for women, however most males don’t bring pocketbooks!

There is also this weird, unattractive cell phone mounting terminal in the center, which I’ve never ever used. Due to the fact that the auto has Bluetooth, there is no should mount the phone.

Squeaky Brakes

I learned after I had the vehicle for 6 months, that squeaky brakes are considered normal for the TT. I had brought the car in because that some common maintenance and asked them to check my brakes. Ns noticed that nearly every time ns braked, especially in colder weather, i heard a according to squeak.

I was informed by the dealer, that due to some transforms Audi make in the brake materials, squeaking to be normal. It was such a common complaint, i was even given a pre-printed pamphlet all about “brake noise”. Ns was relieved the nothing was wrong v my brakes, yet the squeaking can be really annoying.

The branding Audi offers with "brake noise" reminds me that the branding of offered cars as "pre-owned". It makes them sound better.

Should friend Buy a TT?

If girlfriend are looking for a fun, powerful, stylish sports coupe that is also great in the snow, the all wheel journey TT is your ideal bet in this price range. Its sister cars- the Infiniti G35 or the Nissan Z, both have rear wheel drive.

But, prior to you buy I wanted to make certain you were conscious of a few of the car’s shortcomings, which are not readily accessible anywhere ~ above the internet.

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Quick update: the is now 2015 and also I ultimately traded in my 2008 Audi for a 2015 BMW. Once I went to explore the 2015 Audi TT, I discovered that there were no models available, as they room in the process of perfect redesigning the car. Ns test drive the associated Infiniti and also Mitsubishi models, and also finally resolved on my BMW 435i, which i am really happy with,

Happy buying and also driving!!

This write-up is accurate and also true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Contents is for informational or entertainment purposes only and also does not substitute for personal counsel or experienced advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Karolina on respectable 26, 2019:

No, I would certainly not speak to the TT a girl car, yet I perform steal mine husbands 225 Quattro ~ above the regular and I LOVE it. I am 5’6” and I have actually no worry with legroom. (Neither walk he, ns think he is around 5’11”) His is one mk1 and also I have never heard any kind of squeaking. The worst point we have dealt with was the dreaded equipment selector fork issue... Luckily our family members has a shop and he was able to solve himself. (Of course you need to drop the entire front end, so go ahead and also replace something that may need maintain while you are there!)

As far as warehouse space, the hatchback area has sufficient room to put just about anything i can’t throw in the back seat. I don’t recognize why many women have to lug so much crap through them. (?) I travel light.

My only an individual issue is the my younger kids vehicle seat won’t to the right in it... Oh dang... Ns guess ns gotta leaving her home with dad!

He has talked of gaining rid of the to get something else (we are German vehicle people and we profession out dare often) however I have begged him no to. I have hidden the location so...

Kathy l on June 20, 2019:

Wow. Just to be able to enjoy an great car, there need to be no complaints!!!! I have actually the 06 one-of-a-kind edition Audi Tt 3.2 is by far the coolest journey ...turns aheads still when i'm out in it. An excellent all year approximately but the finest in summer together mine is a convertible. I'm blessed to own this car. Avoid bashing ..get an Suv if friend need an ext room. This is a Roadster, my friend .

Michael Rich top top June 18, 2019:

I have actually the 2001 TT ,no difficulty with leg room,I’m 6’ squeaking brakes,but, the glove box latch is damaged and an extremely expensive to repair!..the cheap plastic components on the Audi,glove box,the warehouse box between the seats,the convertible organize down latch, both sides is damaged cheap plastic ..and the cheap windscreen belt..very expensive come need to take the entirety back fifty percent of the vehicle apart to settle that belt!!..oh yeah.. The pixels in the inst.cluster looses that’s currently been fixed once...

C22 top top February 03, 2018:

That’s not the brightest star in the sky How deserve to you also compair these three (3) automobiles. There DIFFERENT.

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Your legs have to be just 2 ft lengthy if you could not with the peddles. Together for the various other my sons 6’4” I’m only 5’6” we BOTH fit BEHIND THE WHEEL. We’re friend trying to obtain in earlier hahahaha

Mike ~ above September 26, 2017:

That was funniest review I've read lol. I think you never been behind the wheel of audi tt.

I have actually my mk1 audi tt for nearly 10 yrs . Likewise have an audi Q5. And im 6"2' and additionally been a gym rat for 15 yrs . For this reason im no a tiny person. And i never had any f-*** problem with leg an are and all this bs you room saying. And you room 5"7' and you speak you had difficulty hahaha maybe you didn't know you can change the seats(im pretty sure with that elevation yiu have the right to fit in even in the smallest car)I can confirm together a 10 yrs owner of among these car 99% that this revirew is false. Weak automobile really? Remap that turbo and you'll check out whats weak. (Yet alone without also tunning the auto it has 255hp i m sorry is more than numerous cars the this rage)