The 2001 Chevy endeavor Warner Bros. Edition minivan has moretoys 보다 a rich child on Christmas morning.

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The quick list of traditional perks contains seven individual bucketseats (the three in the second row and two in the third arefoldable and also removable); a passenger-side power sliding door (adriver’s-side strength slider will certainly be optional later in the modelyear); behind Parking Aid, which alerts the driver v sound andlight warnings if things behind is getting too close; overheadtrip computer and outside temperature/compass readouts; former andrear climate controls; GM’s an excellent OnStar service and emergency-aidprogram; and, that course, sufficient audio/video hardware to open aRadio Shack — one AM/FM/CD/cassette stereo through front and rearcontrols and a video tape player through a fold-from-the-ceilingmonitor. The monitor, by the way, is a 6.8-inch display — 20percent bigger than last year.

It additionally comes with 4 wireless headphones the featureon-the-phones volume controls and also channel selectors, definition thelistener can pick the video-screen audio or the CD player.

We drove our undertaking WB to grandma and grandpa’s house nearSpringfield, Mo., because that the Thanks-giving holiday and, because that 240 miles,heard nary one argument in between our two kids.

While the 9-year-old watched “A Christmas Story" top top video, the19-year-old listened ~ above the CD player to . . . Uh, gawd knows what(I’m certain it was not the three Tenors Christmas album).

Meanwhile, mine wife and also I to be able to listen to the radio or,better yet, just have actually some peace and also quiet.

I’ll call ya, minivans may have actually a frumpy, mom-and-pop domesticimage, however you can’t beat ’em — particularly these newvideo-equipped work — once it involves family travel.

On our holiday trip, us were able to haul four people, every one of ourluggage for the five-day stay, three guitars, a full-size, 88-keyRoland digital piano and a hold of other stuff, and none of united state feltcrowded. We merely pulled the end the two third-row seat (theyactually walk in and also out fairly easily when you get the cave of it),folded the second-row center seat (it climate acted as a table,complete with cupholders, in between the two kids) and we were on ourway.

On the road the endeavor feels favor the valve it is. Brake-pedal feelis numb, as is on-center steering feel, an interpretation you’re constantlymaking minute correction to save the van heading true. The ride,even v the conventional “Smooth Ride" suspension, feel firm. Andthis tall auto leans in corners.

On the various other hand, the cabin is impressively quiet, the valve feelsquite steady at interstate speeds and also power from the standard3.4-liter, 185-hp V-6 is adequate to the task, though nothingmore.

Styling-wise, the 2001 venture looks more like a Chevy, with a newchrome-bar/bowtie grille instead of the old egg-crate grille.

Switchgear is typical GM, which is an excellent in my book. Stereo buttonsare big, and also the three-knob climate controls are straightforward to use.

The gauge package lacks a tach, however the speedometer, fuel gauge andengine-temperature indicator are huge enough come qualify for theReader’s Digest big Print Edition.

In enhancement to the top-of-the-line WB Edition us drove, the veryflexible Chevy endeavor is accessible in value Van, Plus, LS and also LTtrim, long and also short wheelbase versions and also seven- oreight-passenger seating configurations.

New functions for 2001, in addition to the grille, bigger videoscreen and mid-model-year driver’s-side power sliding door, includean optional in-dash, six-disc CD changer and also the optional Park Aid.You can also get a stow-and-go third-seat bench.




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Dan Wiese is a freelance automotive writer. That is a continuous contributor because that Brand Ave. Studios and also to AAA Midwest Traveler magazine"s online net Bonus.


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