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any basic ways to remove the overhead console, ns cant seem come find any screws or clips even after remove the lights lens. I should fix among the lights.
I have actually not discovered out how to remove overhead console however clear lens just pulls the end to adjust bulb. Use a small screwdriver on edge of lense to pry it off.
What kind of overhead do you have? (If you have it) open the door opener slot. There space two clips in there. That"s as far as I"ve gotten. Ns think it pulls down yet I am afraid of break it so i haven"t done it yet.

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Yes I have tried to relocate the 2 fingers in all directions and also move the console yet it does not seem to relax the console. Choose you ns don"t want to rest it. Thanks
doubt this will certainly help..but...on mine "96 i just have 2 screws the come out...then I have to slide the consol towards the windshield to acquire mine off. There are ancors on mine the slide from a narrow grove to a bigger one because that them to come out.
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Hey, what u have to do i press those two clips, ns think it"s towards the front, however you"ll understand from looking at them i m sorry way. Then you have to pull the entirety console right back across the headline. I was doing that today, and at first I believed I was lacking a screw since it to be tight. I understand we"re every afraid to put any pressure on, cuz we"re worried about breaking the small tabs. In the backs, there space two fingers which allude towards the front of the truck. So anyway, as soon as you"ve moved the 2 tabs in, just get your hand balanced and also move it directly back, don"t try to pull down, but you will need to push a little. Then, simply be conscious there is a wire harness attached.Good Lucl!-Jason
Jason, thanks I acquired it out. Messed one holder up a tiny but deserve to live v that. ~ removing that it looks like you should relocate console to rear about one sixteenth to one eight inch and also pull down slightly then move tabs towards the front. Once front of units disconnects then slide whole thing come rear. Ns would like to make a unit with a little an ext room inside for a couple of items. Mine 96 was just perfect for my use. I don"t think a 96 console would cover the feet in this headliner however will shot to check it out. Thanks for the help.Rex
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