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Has anyone ever before looked at this? I checked it the end for the first time tonight.They have actually 2 prices...retail...which girlfriend would expect as a starting point in negotiations with a dealer, and also trade in value. Carry out you think the prices room accurate? castle seem realistic to me, yet I notice a most the asking prices, an especially for Harley Davidson motorcycles, are a many higher. Is this civilization not gift realistic, wishful thinking, or world asking a lot an ext than they would take?Where execute you think the price in a exclusive party sale would be? probably closer to profession in than retail I would certainly think? after all, dealer would certainly stand behind it and also offer a warranty.

Blue publication probably doesn"t account because that accessories. Bikes are generally much more accessorized and modded much more than autos & trucks.Dealers don"t necessarily give warranties on used bikes.Should provide you a great start allude though.


That"s surprising. Many of the Moco dealerships about here use NADA, and I freshly asked (out that curiosuity) what the Softail to be worth top top trade. They told me 9500. And also that to be if i stripped all of the acces turn off of it.
This whole thing is odd. I"ve confirm KBB because that Japanese and Italian bikes and also found the KBB is well above the existing market.But KBB is low for Harleys? i don"t obtain that in ~ all.- Dan
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NADA is much more accurately what the dealers and also banks/lenders space going to use. KBB doesn"t carry the weight it offered to. No one accurately take it accessories right into account though. Yet if girlfriend really want to recognize the "value" of her item, usage NADA. I likewise find it"s generally a hair lower than KBB i m sorry is why it"s what the lenders are going to walk by obviously. Yet that"s what counts now-a-days so...

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If friend really want to understand the worth of her bike (many don"t) examine completed ebay auctions. They often tend to be a little low of, however close come the market. It additionally shows what were not realistic prices. Here in the an excellent white north season provides a large difference likewise with "winter" prices currently in result till the first warm clear week in April. I have actually been the town hall Heritage Springers and also the seasonality is in effect for Harleys also. Anyone ride a Springer, what did friend think, are they yes sir for regular riding?
Unfortunately equipment don"t include much to the price of your Bike. Many seem come think if you payment $500 because that pipes you add that to the price. A much more realistic price would certainly be closer come 100- 200.00 depending on condition. Keep in mind numerous buyers may not prefer or desire your add on Accessories. They want to do it their Bike outfitted to your taste. NADA will give a better range of value then KBB. Usage both to obtain some concepts on pricing. Additionally look at current e bay auctions. These are just overview lines. Additionally keep in mental the seller looks in ~ the high values of the guide The buyer is looking in ~ the low values. Right now a many of people are offering their toys in bespeak to store a roof over your heads. Through the current economy and an extremely poor sales of brand-new bikes. The just thing that appears to be relocating are the bargain basement deals. It"s the exact same for RVs,Boats, Jet Skis and also more. I make component of my life buying and reselling items.