Hello, The hit sensor is situated under the intake manifold in between the cylinder heads on the engine block. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you require anything rather to acquire the problem fixed. Cheers.

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Hello, i cant uncover the knock sensor on mine Xterra. I was told that was best on top, but I cant find it. Can you assist me. Can you send me a picture or something?

The punch sensor is attached come the cylinder block-See below:Knock Sensor


Is this picture showing the former of the engine come the reduced right or the top left. I have an 02-X 3.3, take it the top manifold off, and also didn"t check out it over there either. Is that on the backside of mine block close to the firewall, cause I can"t it seems to be ~ to discover it. Would certainly love that if someone had actually an actual (( clean )) pic.
where is the hit sensor located showing high out placed I was told this mean it is end torqued if so what is the speak spec and where is it located on a v6 can it be got to easy with need to remove have actually the engine carry out I require a special device
The only difficulty I have with this photo is that it doesnt tell u that the punch senser is situated under the reduced intake manafold asmb the upper and lower intak manafold need to be gotten rid of too change this component it is a very involved fix lsauto
exactly how to change the punch sensor on a 2002 Nissan Xterra v a at sight Charger. Also, wherein is that located? say thanks to you for your support & concern. All room doing great providing superb answer.Service engine shortly light come on. Our Hobby shop mechanic associated a password reader & stated the knock sensor is bad.
3 hours for a shop to change it. A password number never identifies a poor part, simply a failed system. To litter a 200 dissension sensor in top top a assumption: v is expensive.The input manifold demands to it is in removed.Get a shop to confirm this prior to you spend this money.Roy
hello s moore, you need to basically take off the height of the engine to gain to it - its under the entry manifold.
My auto turned turn off on me while i was an extremely low ~ above gas for this reason I automatically assumed i ran out, however I still had actually well enough to obtain to a gas station. So ns filled up and also it would certainly not start. Ns tried a jump begin thinking it might be the battery, however the lights and everything appeared to work-related so I perform not think it was the battery. It did not begin with jump. Mine oil to be pretty poor so assumed that can be the problem, adjusted oil and filter, still no revolve over simply makes a "wants to start " noise. Hooked a diognostic machine. Claims it is a hit sensor. Do the efforts to perform some research and also seems there may be some doubts from other human being with same auto whether this is in fact the problem. What can be an additional possibility? please

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your observation about the battery is correct, at the very least for now, and also until testing points to it later.Your assumption about the oil is not correct. The beginning system has actually no idea the the oil's condition. They carry out not talk with each other!There is a clinker in your thinker around the hit sensor. Very first of all, that circuit wont prevent the engine indigenous cranking or from running. Second, diagnostic fault codes never say to replace a part or that one is bad. Castle only indicate the circuit or system that needs more diagnosis, or the unacceptable operating condition. When a component is referenced in a error code, that component is in reality the reason of that code about fifty percent of the time. Very first we have actually to dominance out wiring, connector terminal, and mechanical problems connected with the part.The next trouble is i really perform not recognize what the symptom is or which mechanism we must look at. You claimed the engine stalled if it was running. That argues a running problem. I perform not understand what a "wants come start" noise sound like, therefore we might be talking about a beginning system problem. Clarify even if it is the starter is cranking the engine at common speed, or if not, exactly what kind of noise you are hearing.