What is a wheel bearing?

A wheel bearing is a collection of steel round bearings that are hosted together by a steel ring that permits the wheel of a car to spin v as tiny friction as possible.

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Each wheel top top your auto has its very own wheel bearing, and problems could start with any type of one of them.


What room the symptoms of a poor wheel bearing?

Some that the more common signs of wheel bearing problems include:

Groaning, rumbling or grinding noises coming from the wheel or tires — this sounds may additionally get louder once you make a turn.The auto handles an ext loosely.Vibrations and also wobbling v the steering wheel.The auto pulls to one side together you drive. This may happen at random.The tires wear unevenly.

If the above symptoms space ignored, an ext serious aftermath can happen:

One the the wheels starts smoking.A wheel comes turn off the vehicle.

How walk a wheel bearing work?

A wheel bearing is component of the front and also rear wheel hubs. In the front, the hub connects the wheel to the suspension"s steering knuckle. The wheel connects come the hub, and the hub spins smoothly inside the wheel bearing. This enables the load of the car to rest on the hub as it spins while preserving as tiny surface contact as possible.

The wheel bearing is lubricated through grease in stimulate to further reduce friction. Many vehicles attribute sealed wheel bearings the encapsulate the round bearings and the lubricant.

Can ns drive v a poor wheel bearing?

Yes, but not for long. Together the wear increases, so execute the opportunities of damage developing to various other parts that the suspension.

If you suspect that a wheel bearing is start to wear, have actually a technician evaluate the difficulty as shortly as possible. A auto with a substantially worn wheel bearing shouldn"t it is in driven. If the wheel bearing stops working completely, it"s feasible for the wheel to come off the vehicle and cause a wreck.

How often do wheel bearings require servicing or replacement?

Most vehicles have sealed bearings that carry out not require maintenance. Sealed bearings deserve to last 100,000 miles or more, and also will must be replaced when they go bad.

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Vehicles through traditional, tapered wheel bearings should have actually them serviced every 25,000 to 30,000 miles — replacement might not be essential as lengthy as they"re maintained.

The average cost for a Wheel Bearing instead of is between $196 and also $224 however can differ from auto to car.