Checking her transmission fluid level in a Chevy Cavalier is no as straightforward as in various other cars. Because that starters, friend won"t have the ability to find the dipstick. If you have constant oil alters performed in ~ a regional lube shop, you can ask the tech to inspect it there. Yet with the ideal equipment and also these suggestions, you have the right to perform the job yourself.

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Drive the auto for 5 come 10 minute to warmth up the infection fluid. This will broaden the fluid and give friend a proper reading. Park the auto on a flat paved or concrete surface. Change through all the gears v your foot ~ above the brake and also hold in each place for 3 seconds. Ar the automobile in "Park" and also leave running on idle. Apply the parking brake.

Pop the hood and locate the infection fill lid on the reduced left-hand side (driver"s side) on the facility of next of the engine. It"s a red cap; should have the ability to see the from the former left of the car or standing close to the left former fender. Eliminate the cap and place the lengthy narrow-necked funnel into the transmission fill hole just in instance you require to add fluid. Chances are, unless you have actually a leak, you won"t need to add fluid, however if you do it will certainly be easier placing the funnel in now before the car is elevated.

Raise the vehicle. Use the floor jack come lift one corner of the auto at a time and also place all 4 jack stand in the same height position come level the auto as finest you can. It is not recommended come use various height floor jacks or a pair that cinder blocks for one axle and also jack means the other. If you cannot raise all four corners that the vehicle and also have that be together close come level together possible, there"s no allude in performing this job at home.

Crawl under vehicle using a creeper if you have one, and locate the bottom of the transmission. The is relatively centered. Top top the appropriate side (passenger side) the the infection a couple of inches native the bottom is a tiny plug bolt. Ar a drainpipe bucket below the plug. Loosen the plug bolt and remove using a hand wrench or ratchet and also socket. If fluid starts to come out once you eliminate the plug, allow it to trickle till it stops. If no liquid comes out, crawl indigenous under the auto and add the ideal amount that transmission liquid into the funnel till you watch it trickle the end of the fluid inspect hole. Add just a tiny bit in ~ a time and also check to see if and also when it begins to trickle out. As soon as it stops trickling, crawl back under and tighten the fluid check hole plug, wipe the area clean v a shop rag and also remove the drainpipe bucket.

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Lower the vehicle one axle at a time, remove the funnel, change the infection fill cap, relax the parking brake and turn the automobile off.

Floor jack and also 4 jack stands long narrow-necked funnel (optional) 1- or 2-qt. Transmission filter tiny hand wrenches or 3/8-inch ratchet and also sockets drainpipe bucket Creeper (optional) Shop rag

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