changed thermostat, temperature coolant sensor, fuel filter. Vehicle was have actually troubles as soon as you reach 40-50 mph rpms and also gas pedal bouncing up and down. Check light came on autozone claimed it was either short coolant, thermostat, coolant temp sensor. Changed thermostat no far better changed coolant sensor difficulty solved, however where is it?

Hello,the engine coolant temperature sensor is situated by the thermostat right here is guide to aid walk you through the repair with diagrams below to present you exactly how on your car. out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.

Dont to trust temp gauge in dash desire to install second temp gauge (mechanical) will certainly not making use of temp sesor result fans(electric) or the computer dont desire a continuous ckeck engine light. Just relaced head gaskets reduced intake gasket and also plenum. Torqed head bolts bit more than specified. Brand brand-new cheap duralast torqe wrench no where near 37 ft lbs at 44 ft lbs once checked with higher quality speak wrench have actually not been able to contact fel pro tech they shut down on thursday because that the weekend. Is there anything come look the end for or just paranoid. Many thanks for your help em. Bone

remove the existing sending unit and also install a "T". If you use an electric temp gauge, the temp probe is smaller than with a mechanical gauge.

Hello, I have actually a 2003 impala with a 3.4 motor. I am having a difficulty with the cooling pan not functioning properly. Ns do have actually a genisys scanner with 2.0 software application that I simply got. I hook the up and also watch the temp ~ above there. The fans execute not absent on until 230 degrees and it is both on high. If I run the ac castle both will certainly kick on high for a couple of seconds at 217-220 degrees and also the temp lowers a tiny then the fans shut off. I have checked all the fuses and they room good. I have actually switched the relays and also it no seem to adjust anything. The will both likewise come on if ns unplug the coolant temp sensor. What would you suggest to find out what I need to replace. Many thanks
Update: when I went back to inspect the relays ns pulled them out and noticed the it is supposed to have two 4 prong relays and also one 5 prong relay in the center and all three of mine to be 4 prong. I bought the correct relay this time and also put that in and watch the temp and also the low rate fans kicked on in ~ 217 degrees as thet should and also all is fine now. I hope this might help someone else in the future.
They had actually to be like that once I purchase the car. Ns bought the used. I switched them roughly with every other earlier to watch if the made a difference and I didnt notice the prongs till I went ago to check the voltage. Oh I adjusted the thermostat a few moths earlier thinking that could have to be the problem but it didnt adjust anything.
are you sure you did no install the untrue relay in the slot and also the slot that took the other relay has actually the incorrect in over there now?Roy
every you need to do is remove the feather clip top top the earlier side of it and disconnect the connector. You may want to do the washing up the cooling mechanism if the is complete of mud. If not the sensor can go poor again in time.
No, i did check before I went and also bought a brand-new one. Ns now have 2 relays with 4 prongs and 1 new relay with 5 prongs
I obtained a 2002 chevy impala 3400 engine the cooling pan wasn"t kicking on I replaced the heat sensor the pan kicks top top now however after the gets fifty percent hot whats up through it
The only time the cooling fan transforms on is as soon as the engine get around 240 levels or the AC is turned on. What execute you median by fifty percent way. Is the on the temp gauge.
Engine Cooling problem2001 Chevy Impala V8 automatically 160000 milesHow carry out you readjust the coolant sensor?
I believe it just screws out. Inspect the brand-new one for threads. If it has actually them, unscrew it and replace it with the brand-new one.
Im having actually the same problem.Where in the human being is the ECT? I have the right to not uncover it on this car. Say thanks to you therefore much!
Wait till engine is cold, then simply unscrew it, and intall the new one, you wont loosened too much coolant and also you no burn yourself!
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The engine coolant sensor is a high failure item which is replaced consistently at any kind of repair garage. This sensor is responsible for causing a computer break down which can...
Engine Cooling Problem2003 Chevy Impala 6 Cyl former Wheel drive Automatic whereby Is that Located? have the right to It Be conveniently Removed and Replaced?
Engine Cooling Problem2001 Chevy Impala 6 Cyl front Wheel journey Automatic I put A brand-new 195 Thermostat and Coolant Temperature Sensor....

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The auto Heats up Rather quickly The Fans do Not Seem to Be comes On At every Fuses it seems ~ Fine no Sure about Relays might This be The The...