If the "third" brake irradiate is functioning the switch is okay. The bulbs have actually been changed, and also I assume v the correct bulbs. Has there been any kind of work excellent recently? has a trailer hitch been installed? frequently times the trailer people sever the wire going to the brake lights with a "scotch lock" which cuts the wire in two, although no immediately. Additionally you need to examine the ground to the sockets. If the lights room in the behind hatch, the wires between the hatch and also the human body of the auto may have been severed because of the opening and also closing that the hatch. Look because that the rubber pipe the wires go through near the hinges and see if one of the wires inside are broken. If so, fix the damaged wire one that should fix the problem. Good luck, and also I look front to hear the equipment to your problem.


Since the high mount light functions it"s not the switch.

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If the tail lights work.

Check in the wiring harness in the left rear 4 minutes 1 panel follow me the frame. An ext than most likely a splice/wire is rotted or broken.

If they don"t work.

There must be a ground suggest for the 2 stop/tail lamps either on the left frame or the bumper. If that"s OK trace the wiring and repair together necessary.


If it is simply the brake lights that are not working, the the following might be faulty -

Brake move on the brake pedal - examine that the is gift actuated through the pedal properly. Friend cold also bypass the the move by connecting the two terminals together and also see if the lights then work.

Fuse can be punch - find the fuse and check its condition.

The bulbs might have all blown. That is feasible that you never ever noticed when one to be individually blown.


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