Refer come On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) in the Diagnosis section of this group for additional information. If the powertrain regulate module (PCM) detects short engine coolant temperature, it will certainly record

a Diagnostic Trouble code (DTC) in the PCM memory. Perform not change a thermostat for absence of warmth as suggested by the instrument dashboard gauge or by negative heater performance uneven a DTC is present. Describe the Diagnosis section of this group for various other probable causes. For various other DTC numbers, (Refer come 25 - EMISSIONS


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The DTC can also be accessed through the DRB scan tool. Refer to the suitable Powertrain Diagnostic Procedures information for diagnostic information and also operation that the DRB scan tool.


WARNING: perform NOT ease RADIATOR DRAINCOCK WITH system HOT and also PRESSURIZED. Severe BURNS native COOLANT have the right to OCCUR.

Do not waste recycle coolant. If systems is clean, drainpipe coolant right into a clean container for reuse.

If thermostat is being replaced, be sure that replacement is mentioned thermostat for car model and also engine type.

(1) Disconnect an unfavorable battery cable at battery.

(2) drain cooling device (Refer come 7 - COOLING - conventional PROCEDURE).

(3) Raise automobile on hoist.

(4) eliminate splash shield.

(5) Remove reduced radiator hose clamp and also lower radiator water tap at thermostat housing.

(6) remove thermostat real estate mounting bolts,thermostat housing and also thermostat.


(1) Clean mating locations of time chain cover and thermostat housing.

(2) install thermostat (spring side down) into recessed machined groove on time chain cover.

(3) position thermostat housing on time chain cover.

(4) Install 2 housing-to-timing chain cover bolts. Tighten bolts to 13 N·m (112 in. Lbs.) torque.

CAUTION: real estate must be tightened evenly and thermostat have to be centered into recessed groove in timimg chain cover. If not, that may an outcome in a cracked housing, damaged timing chain cover

threads or coolant leaks.

(5) Install lower radiator hose on thermostat housing.

(6) download splash shield.

(7) reduced vehicle.

(8) to fill cooling device (Refer come 7 - COOLING - typical PROCEDURE).

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(9) Connect an adverse battery cable come battery.

(10) Start and also warm the engine. Examine for leaks

If you are much more of a visual person, inspect on here.It"s a Durango but same engine, very same procedure exact same location. Hope this helps, good luck