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I have actually a 2002 taurus Vulcan engine so i was steering my usual driving and my check engine light began flashing for around a min 보다 went off. Automobile was control fine no felt nothing walking on. Continue to drive and the irradiate hasn"t came on need to I concern or take it it in.

Yes, ns would have it looked at. Flashing CEL means a major misfire to be detected that was bad enough to damage the catalytic convertors. If it flashes again take it it real easy or pull end immediately.
^^^ +1Driving through a flashing CEL will quickly reason severe and also EXPENSIVE come the cat converters. There will certainly be a DTC (trouble code) stored in the PCM. Swing by a parts store and also have them review the password for free and report back with the password number or numbers.
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Okay, well I would think around testing for strong spark ~ above #2 and also pulling the spark plug to have actually a look.How countless miles ~ above the spark plugs?
Yeah ns haven"t replace the spark plugs since 2009 the plugs prolly have actually over 50,000 miles. What"s an excellent Spark Plugs and wires I need to get.

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For spark plugs use Motorcraft or Autolite double platinum plugs. Do not use Bosch plugs.For wires i would gain the Motorcraft set or ACDelco.
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