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1995 Taurus3.8 v6Still working on mine no idling issue. Exactly how do you diagnose if the idle air manage valve is operation o not? I have actually replaced it, but now i am thinking probably the connector may be faulty. If ns were come unbolt the IAC yet keep it associated to the power connection, what need to I suppose to see as soon as I revolve the vital on/engine off? If I provided my meter and also checked for strength from the connecter, would certainly I simply be searching for voltage as soon as the an essential is turn on? Is the IAC a straightforward on or off valve, or is it much more sophisticated.I changed the EGR one the EGR solenoid this weekend through no effect. I have been make the efforts to monitor down feasible vacuum hose leaks, however have so far found nothing obvious.

The IAC is managed by a voltage pulse native the PCM. The valve piston moves inside the body of the valve based upon that pulse to increase/decrease the wait flow and also regulate the idle. If friend did not replace it with a Motorcraft you could have made that worse. Aftermarket IAC fails are epidemic. KOEO you should have actually 10.5-12.5 volts in ~ the pulled connector after. KOER if friend disvonnect it the idle must drop susbstantively maybe to stalling.

Thanks for replying.I have actually zero idle. I can acquire the engine to run, but complete stall in ~ idle. An additional symptom is that the automobile shifts really poorly--especially in second gear. Is it possible the accelerator sensor is bad? ns would have thought it would idle v a bad TPS, yet would operation poorly ~ that.

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Possible however not most likely that the TPS is at fault because that"s no the usual fail pattern. Think that a TPS choose the volume control on a radio/TV. Lock wear out in the most generally used spots--like as soon as your foot is in the 30-40MPH range. As soon as the potentiometer wears, you get acceleration up to that point, then hesitation, climate acceleration together you push past that point. Her symptoms sound more like IAC valve, clogged IAC passage, dirty throttle body, large vacuum leak, or stuck open up EGR.
I have replaced the EGR vavle and also the EGR solenoid. Ns will examine for power at the IAC today. I uncovered one vacuum hose--beneath the former of the car (goes right into a t-fitting) broken off and re-attached it. No improvement. Is over there a an excellent vacuum heat diagram? The one in my chilton hand-operated is almost useless.Thanks for your resonses

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