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How can I change the ignition switch on a 2001 malibu? i tried yet there is a cable the holds the in the ago and two wires in the middle, closer come the crucial cylinder area. Also, just how do I remove the key cylinder indigenous the switch?Your help is grealty appreciated.Thanks.
Thanks because that the video that will assist with the cylinder, but how do you eliminate the iginition switch component because there is a cable attached come it in the back.
That would be the Park Lock cable to stop you from turning the key to turn off (locks up the steering wheel) unless the change lever is in PARK. There should be a little tab to push/hold underside the the move assembly if you traction on the cable. If not, look for something to sqeeze top top either dimension where the cable start the switch. BTW, be certain to take it the cable turn off the negative battery post before girlfriend do any work in the area.Oops, that doesn"t sound right. I meant, be certain to take the battery cable off before doing any electrical work.
There is one plastic tab however when i tried to push that the cable would even come off. Do I placed the automobile in drive or park once doing this or something else?
You can try with the vital in other positions yet I think you"re just an alleged to pull difficult with the tab pressed in firmly. You deserve to look at the instead of switch and also figure out exactly how it works. The other finish of the cable goes in the direction of the transition lever and thus moving the shift lever out of PARK can assist with the slack. Make sure to placed parking brakes and also block the tires through wheel chocks.
Aha, I uncovered it. See Yours must be the exact same way. Rotate the an essential to RUN and then skip steps 11.1-11.8.
Thanks because that the information. I was no able to traction the cable from the back so thought to just clean it v the sensor cleaning spray and also so much it"s been functioning fine.
Congrats. Many thanks for the update. If it pertains to that, you"ll be better prepared. Oh, BTW, ns forget if you obtained any solution to the O2 sensor query. You have the right to buy a one-of-a-kind socket or ask if the parts store has actually loaner. Ns couldn"t have replaced it without the distinct socket on my ION.

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Yes, they do have actually the loaner device for the O2 sensor, will gain it later and mess with it. I"m worn out and also need to relax .
i simply replaced the ignition move on my 01 malibu. I can not get the park cable come go ago in compleatly. I have actually tried it with the crucial in every position to no avail. Any ideas?
My 2003 impala is having actually some problems right now however I have a 2001 Malibu that requirements an ignition switch could I usage the one from my impala? thx
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