One that the nicest things around having strength seats is the you can readjust them in a number of ways to gain the comfort you are in search of while driving. Some high-end vehicles even have memory settings constructed into the system in order because that several drivers to collection the seat where they like it without disturbing the various other drivers.


once the seat work, they room wonderful. If lock fail to work, lock can become an obstacle to driving.

as soon as you have actually a instance where your seat is not working, you should take a moment to determine what part of the chair is not working by concentrating on the mechanical and also electrical locations of the seat. There might be a couple motors in your seats, therefore you need to understand if the trouble is relocating up and also down or ago and forth. As soon as you decide where the difficulty is, friend can resolve the issue and also repair it.

Tools Needed

Flashlight Mulitmeter Jumper wires in between one and also two feet lengthy Test light


prior to you start, if there is a problem with the seat moving forward and backwards, look because that obstructions top top the rails or under the seat. If the rail area is clear, you deserve to move ~ above to various other diagnostic tests.

examine the fuses and circuit breakers to be sure that over there is no ns of power to the seats. If you have actually two power seats, and also they both room not working, it may be a fuse or circuit breaker. If one seat works and also the various other does not, that is more than likely not the fuse. Revolve your ignition come ON, yet leave the engine turned off. Shot to move the power seat the is not working and listen because that the seat’s motor. If the motor is quiet, elevator the switch. It will certainly be on one of two people the door manage or the seat’s side. Use your check light to see if over there is any voltage in ~ the switch. If no voltage is indicated, then check the wiring to determine whether or no there is a quick somewhere in between the fuse panel and also the switch. Examine for continuity by unplugging the switch and using the multimeter. Need to you discover there is no continuity, then replace the switch. If there is a relay in between the switch and also the motor, test it. Test the move by operation it come make certain that the voltage is getting to the relay. Use a check light to recognize whether over there is voltage going indigenous the relay to the motor. In order to carry out this, first ensure the the relay is grounded, and also then move or remove the seat for the test. If friend are lacking one the the voltages, inspect the cable for a short. If you have actually no voltage outgoing, climate test the relay to ensure that it is operation properly. If it is not, then change the relay. Usage a test light to examine for just arrived voltage in ~ the motor. Need to you find that over there is no just arrived voltage, identify whether over there is continuity between the motor and switch. Test the wires because that a quick or open. Take it the fail motor and conduct a test on it utilizing the auto battery and two jumper wires. If the engine does no respond, then replace it. Lastly, execute an inspection of the journey assembly-transmission, the tracks and also the gears to ensure that the system is in appropriate working condition. Repair any parts that space not.

This should help you make the diagnosis on a strength seat the is not operating properly.

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If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to call your local dealership because that help.