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General technical & Electrical general technical and also electrical discussion for the Ford Ranger the does no fit in any type of other sub-forum.


I changed my spark plugs today and also "reset the ECU" which ns assumed was just unhook the battery because that 5-10 minutes. Began up and also ran an excellent and around 10 minutes into driving the O/D off light started flashing. Ns pulled over and also turned the van on and also off and the light didn"t return, overdrive worked. I read a bit and also it seems it"s transmission related? My truck does transition pretty hard from 2 come 3. Is this part kinda sensor/electrical difficulty or must I begin thinking about trans occupational in mine future??? THANKS!!2003 Ranger XLT, 4WD, infection 5-Automatic, 4.0L, 145,000 miles

my van did that and while the an essential was in the ~ above position but not running ns hit the overdrive switch on the end of the change **** and also the flashing walk out. The van shifted really rough if the light to be flashing then once it went off the shift was earlier to normal. Examine your fluid level
IMHO - record it if it"s flashing and also get that scanned -- you"ll prolly discover a pressure administration issue...Hopefully you"ve been a an excellent ranger owner and have been servicing her tranny fo all 145K miles... What go the pan look choose on the last fiter readjust (what sort of material did girlfriend find)?
I had actually my shifter o/d sensor replaced newly cuz it did thisI don"t have the component number now but it costs around $14 dealer onlyIt solved the flashing. O/D light
Don"t assume anything particular when you see a flashing O/D off light. That is the transmission"s equivalent of the examine Engine Light and is telling you the SOMETHING has actually been flagged through the PCM diagnostics. Due to the fact that it can be flashing for dozens of various reasons, that will carry out you no an excellent to assumption: v or count on particular problems that others have actually experienced. Have the transmission code(s) traction ASAP for an ext information.
My 2001 Ranger w/ 130,000 mile started having actually O/D flashing. No codes have the right to be pulled.After pulling turn off shutting down and re starting the trans works an excellent for one more 10 - 15 minutes, climate it starts flashing. Going right into reverse takes couple of seconds lag. If not driven for pair of job the O/D does no flash for 10 come 15 mile on street and shifts great. Execute you think re flashing ECU is essential ? or space there any Ford update due to the fact that 2001 ?Thanks
My 2001 Ranger w/ 130,000 miles started having O/D flashing. No codes can be pulled.After pulling off shutting down and also re starting the trans works an excellent for another 10 - 15 minutes, then it start flashing. Going right into reverse takes few seconds lag. If not thrust for couple of days the O/D does no flash because that 10 to 15 miles on street and shifts great. Perform you think re flashing ECU is needed ? or room there any type of Ford update since 2001 ?Thanks
Why are you saying no codes deserve to be pulled? are you saying the you make the efforts to pull the codes but none came up?If her O/D off light is flashing, you have a problem code in the PCM. Choose it to be said before in the thread, the O/D off light is basically a "Check Engine" light for your transmission.
Yes the is correct. I have tried to review the code 3 times yet no codes space there.very strange ? go anyone else have same / similar situation w/o code ?Thanks,
Yes the is correct. I have actually tried to review the code 3 times but no codes are there.very weird ? go anyone else have same / similar situation w/o code ?Thanks,
I have actually the exact same problem. No problems with transmission except for hard change from first to 2nd that is constant. The O/D light will certainly flash after reaching 40mph, but no readjust in shifting or infection performance.I have actually tried to read the codes, however none come up.If i clear the codes, the O/D light will certainly disappear for awhile climate reappear shortly after. In other words the difficulty was again detected.Have you found a means to read the infection codes?Read on one more thread that reading the infection codes requires a distinct device/communication with the ODB connector.I have tried the cheap ODB readers, yet have not found one that works.Thanks

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