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I haven"t been able to uncover satisfying information on this subject. Some people say we have cabin filters, while others say we execute not. Most cars seem to have actually them. I have actually been having to run my a/c on speed 4 due to the fact that 1,2,3 do not work. I need to get the resistor replaced. Once I had actually to take a much longer drive the other day, i noticed my throat obtained sore. It has been sore for 3 days. I believed maybe because of the greater fan speed. Then ns thought, probably my cabin filter needs replaced. I have owned the truck just 10 months and also didn"t know if previous owner ever replaced it. However do I also have one? and I"m wonder why castle didn"t download them if not.
From what I"ve found, they didn"t come v cabin air filters, yet they do have a place for them. Right here is a link to a video clip that shows just how to insert the filter: thing to note, 2004 and later do have the accessibility door, yet have a item of plastic you can cut off to gain accessibility to the opening
Thanks....although some civilization do, i won"t be doing any type of cutting on my vehicle. I wish it had actually the filters though. Ns don"t understand why lock didn"t install them. To it is in honest, this is the worst car I have ever before owned. Solitary mom do the efforts to do ends meet, and currently $4,000.00 in repair in much less than a year owning it. Prepared to sell.
It may be precious it to eliminate the panel and see if you have a door over where the filters go. I simply recently changed the cabin wait filter on mine Honda Odyssey. By design, you have actually to reduced off a item of plastic on the one to accessibility the door over the filter - i don"t recognize why they style these things choose this.I"ve just owned my Envoy around 3 months, acquired it to change a 2004 F150 that died due to the fact that the PLASTIC time chain guide damaged (pieces come out through oil change). Would cost as lot to repair together it would to change the engine! One of many problems through the architecture of the truck and engine.
If it just works in place 4 it"s certainly an electrical problem. Even if it had a filter the blower engine is after the filter fan rate wouldn"t it is in affected. When the resistor goes poor the first 3 location are controlled by it. Think of the highest possible position together a resistor bypass on its own circuit.
cabin filters
atodd1982The cabin filters just came with 2002 envoy. I have actually one. The slot is cut and also the filter door is on.Dave
My 02 follow didn"t have one however I placed one cutting and leafs and dust does get it their,Really worth doing it and also I get the filter with Carbon to help clean the wait too!
Thanks....although some people do, i won"t be doing any cutting on mine vehicle. I wish it had actually the filters though. Ns don"t understand why castle didn"t install them. To it is in honest, this is the worst automobile I have ever owned. Solitary mom trying to make ends meet, and currently $4,000.00 in repairs in much less than a year owning it. Ready to sell.
I"ve own 3 TrailBlazers, a "02, a "06 and also a "07. MY at an early stage "02 TrailBlazer had actually the cabin filter, the "06 and also the "07 T.B. Execute not.$4,000 in repair in 10 months is a lot of cash, hope the perform of repair dwindle.My 3 have actually been an excellent for me and great to me.

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I have actually an 02 & a 08.. The 02 cabin filter to be easy, however I recognize the 08 is lot harder to download a filter. Is there a object on just how to do it?
Yes I know old article thread...update.To clarify the 2002 and also 2003 carry out indeed have the door....the two screws to accessibility the front panel room 7mm, the one for the filter covering door is a 7/32....the coating for GM not installing these filters, as they go them in their other trucks is appalling.For the vehicles through both the cover and also then the various other cover for the opening removal is easy. Pull screw remove cover, sealed cover....drill hole front and also aft, climate just little saw or warm screwdriver and also it will just snap out side come side....on the early models it"s a 20 min job....the component numbers GM is 52473340.....same as CF8791A or CP791....available top top Amazonia....or any type of US make brand....yes cleaner great. Oooops forgot...small needle nose pliers for the doohickey clip acquired the behing the panel electrical connector....just to express on the outside and the clip is removed...very simple and straight forward. The filters arrows go towards the driver once inserting, an initial goes in the move toward firewall and filter #2 go in front. Breathe On!
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