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I simply bought a 2004 Chevy Malibu V6 LT and the gas gauge is no working. As soon as I start my vehicle the gauge either states it"s totally full or totally empty and the gas light transforms on. If the starts by saying it"s full (which it isn"t, I understand that because that a fact) the will, after ~ so much time, easily drop under to empty. Occasionally it claims it"s empty appropriate after I start the car. What can the problem/solution be?

The fuel sender unit in the tank is a typical item come fail. There is special coverage for this problem. It could be a cost-free fix because that you. Contact GM directly and also have your VIN handy. If you are not covered, it"s a $40 part and a the majority of labor to replace. Fuel tank have to be dropped. If you are going to pay because that this, very first confirm the it"s undoubtedly the sender unit.

Just one more of many issues likely led to by these garbage ethanol laced fuel we have been compelled to use. Truly sad. So glad I have actually a selection around home now. My truck was having actually same issues with it"s fuel gauge because that years. Ns noticed as soon as I supplied seafoam on regular basis the gauge perform normally. Then ns switched come Efree gas as it became available in mine area and also have not had actually the problem since. Seafoam sure won"t hurt to try...
I wish I had that alternative haha, having choices. What is Efree gas? and also I"ll try the Seafoam too. Just how regularly must I usage it though?

Efree=ethanol free. Actual gas, not corn liquor. The water than ethanol absorbs and it"s naturally corrosive nature are destructive for fuel systems. Examine this website to watch if there might be a station close enough to you to use. Every my vehicles run much better with E0/zero 88 octane than with any kind of E10%. . I began with a complete can in 26 gallons, a nice huge dose. Climate aprox 1/3 a have the right to of Seafoam per fill up.

I am a human and my vehicle is a machine. Corn liquor belongs in me and also chemicals belonging in mine car. I"d prefer to drink my moonshine and put a cleaner in mine tank!
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Efree=ethanol free. Real gas, no corn liquor. The water 보다 ethanol absorbs and also it"s normally corrosive nature are damaging for fuel systems. Check this site to watch if there might be a station close sufficient to you to use. All my vehicles run better with E0/zero 88 octane 보다 with any kind of E10%. . I began with a full can in 26 gallons, a nice huge dose. Then aprox 1/3 a deserve to of Seafoam per to fill up.

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Aw, gotcha. Yeah I check the site and also there are a few gas stations choose that about where i live. I never ever would have actually thought of that. Thanks! and also I"ll shot the Seafoam too.
I am a human and also my vehicle is a machine. Corn liquor belong in me and chemicals belong in mine car. I"d choose to drink
my moonshine and also put a cleaner in my tank!
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