Dodge ram 1500 owners have actually reported 21problems regarded automatic transmission manage module (under the strength train category).The many recently reported concerns are detailed below.

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The call owns a 2005 Dodge lamb 1500. The contact stated that while travel 55 mph, the automobile suddenly stalled. The contact also stated that the failure recurred intermittently. The auto was taken to the dealer whereby it was found that the pcm necessary to be updated however the throttle body would have to be cleaned before any other repairs can be completed. The vehicle had no yet to be repaired. The manufacturer was contacted around the failure. The fail mileage to be 88,658. View all problems of the 2005 Dodge lamb 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

While taking low speed, chop turns with my 2005 Dodge ram 1500 truck the engine stalls out. I"m pretty sure this worry is the same as the NHTSA action number:ea05018. This has occur several time within the last 2 month. The regional Dodge dealer "cleaned" the intake manifold, (charged me $89. 00) but it is still happening.

Tl -the contact owns a 2008 dodge ram. The call stated if driving the automobile experiences a finish loss of strength without warning. The automobile was able to be restarted. The car was taken to a dealer because that diagnostic testing. The dealer stated that the pcm had actually failed and would need to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. . The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate fail mileage to be unknown. Az ยฟ. See all troubles of the 2008 Dodge ram 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

Vehicle started to stall ~ above slowing down for a light or at a stop. Take it it in to the dealership who upon very first "diagnosing" did not find anything wrong/could not situate problem. Had basic maintainance (tune-up, fuel injection svc. , oil change)done on car at that time. Stalling continued. Took vehicle back again, pcm to be replaced. Next day, stalling out again, even much more than before. View all problems of the 2004 Dodge lamb 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

The contact owns a 2005 Dodge lamb 1500 quadcab lwb. When driving much less than 10 mph, the auto stalled, the steering wheel and also brake pedal locked, and the vehicle came come a complete stop. The auto restarted immediately. The contact stated that he was in a close to head top top crash ~ above October 14, 2007 because of the stalling. The vehicle has stalled on 30 occasions. He take it the auto to the dealer and it stalled when it was test driven. The dealer stated that nothing might be done because the engine irradiate did not illuminate. The call stated that NHTSA performed examination number ea05018 for auto stalling. The present mileage was 59,594 and failure mileage to be 57,000.

Engine stalling also after having computer system updated top top sept 2007 engine stalling multiple time at traffic lights & as soon as stopping , no inspect engine irradiate dealer claimed if no check engine irradiate they don"t understand what come do.

This is an upgrade to complaint #10182379. Ns took the TSB and my van to bounds evade in livingston, TX. Castle updated mine computer and also charged me $86. 00. My van is now nearly stalling in ~ lights and also stops, and in addition idles rough. Ns feel like I have been plunder in broad daylight, and also there isn"t a thing I can do about it. Ns am currently paying for a brand brand-new vehicle through defects that i bought from a crooked company. When again. . . . Please help. . . . . Thank you.

Shortly after ~ purchasing the automobile I was backing increase in driveway and also the car hesitated, started moving, and then stalled. That same afternoon ns was leaving work and also the same similar thing happened. Ns contacted the dealer, and they declared there was a technical business bulletin and also to carry it in. I took it to dealer, and they walk an update or something. Recently it began hesitating as soon as put in gear and has stalled on number of occasions either as soon as being put in equipment or when coming come a stop. It acted prefer it didn"t want to go, then prefer the infection was binding, and just before stalling it lunged front or backwards, relying on direction that travel, before stalling.

: the contact stated when driving various speeds the vehicle stalled there is no warning. The automobile was maneuvered off the road and also restarted. The dealer changed the battery cable last week yet the difficulty reoccurred. The dealer notified a strength train manage module. See all problems of the 2000 Dodge lamb 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

: the contact stated if backing increase from a parking spot, no strength was noticed till the engine reached 4000 rpm. The same difficulty was observed while steering forward because that the next two miles. The automobile was required to the dealership who determined the ecu was missing the software; cs and tcbs which to be updated, yet dtc was not performed. The problem was solved after the repairs. Watch all troubles of the 2006 Dodge ram 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

: the call stated without warning, at assorted speeds, the vehicles stalls. The auto restarts, and the dealership established the control module demands to it is in replaced.

Engine stalls while driving. Dealer mounted updated pcm calibration. Stalling proceeds to occur throughout the same conditions, specifically while turning, yet less frequently.

: the call stated if pulling right into a parking stall or attempting slight transforming maneuvers the engine idle will certainly fluctuate up and also down and also stall. Back the engine stalls the auto is easily restarted. No warning signs are current when this occurs. Over there is a NHTSA action number pe05027 concerning the automatically transmission manage module, the vehicle is displaying the same troubles as indicated in the investigation. The car has been watched by a dealer, however the dealer is can not to identify the reason of the problem.

I have actually a 2004 Dodge lamb 1500 5. 7 hemi. Us purchased the truck on April 20, 2004 & started having the stalling problem about 2 month ago. I have because taken the van to the dealership wherein it was purchased 3 time to have actually the difficulty fixed. Every time the dealership has the van 2 1/2 come 3 days. The van does no stall while the accelerator is enacted. The rpm gauge will flutter once stopped & climate it will certainly drop & the truck will certainly die. Part days the truck will stall only when or double & various other days the truck will certainly stall as much as 20 to 30 times. The dealership has replaced the following items: fault code, p0261, replaced pcm for erractic speed sensor signal. R&r pan & changed trans filter every star 1763 wd94 0. 80. 5094274aa module-powertrain control, 5015267ac filter pkg-powertrain control, 5010884aa sealer, 5 atf mass - +4.

Vehicle skilled sudden engine stalling at various speeds as soon as on the road. Customer contacted manufacturer, who was conscious of the problem. Truck lost all power functions. It has to be completely stopped, put in park then restarted. Consumer was educated by dealer it possibly 6-8 weeks prior to they deserve to fix it because the manufacturer was redesigning the pcm.

I very own a 2003 Dodge lamb 1500 laramie 4x2 v 17000 miles. Ns purchased that from my neighborhood Dodge dealer v 2300 miles on it. Around 15000 miles, my vehicle engine irradiate turned on, and also a strong burning odor started to come native the cab. I thought the error was serious, and also immediately booked an appointment through an ideal five star evade dealer herb gordon evade in silver spring, MD. Kevin with the orange team, at herb gordon, showed that one worry with this vehicle is the powertrain manage module. Unfortunately, the burning odor cannot be figured out at this time. Together the auto is under warranty, the pcm is at this time being replaced. When herb gordon has done great job giving me through service, Dodge has actually scarred me and also encumbered my time. Ns have had to rent while my vehicle is in the shop, my van smells really negative inside (due come the burning pcm,) and also I really carry out not trust the safety and security of mine vehicle. Why would a pcm go negative after 17000 miles? is the burning odor going to cause a fire in the future? am i at threat in this vehicle?. See all problems of the 2003 Dodge lamb 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

: the contact stated after ~ the engine to be started, the gear lever did no come turn off the park position, and the engine warning irradiate illuminated. After numerous attempts, the bar shifted to the drive position but the transmission went to 3rd gear and remained in it. The vehicle was taken to the dealership 7 times, and the diagnosis device indicated the defect in regulate module (p700). The regulate module was replaced seven times. The manufacturer was contacted, and coincided with the dealership diagnosis. The call expressed concern due to the fact that the lack of sufficient power if the auto was invited presented a serious risk to security while driving increase or down a hill.

While driving 50 mph, the auto stalled. This led to lost that steering and also brakes. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and the mechanic determined that speedometer gauge cluster shorted out. The automobile would stall there is no warning. Over there were four attempts to settle the problem, it to be finally identified that the difficulty was the pcm module. The consumer know much longer owns the vehicle. Check out all troubles of the 1999 Dodge ram 1500๐Ÿ”Ž.

Consumer referred to as complaining around having difficulties with the transmission. Once the auto is in turning back it gets stuck in the gears. Manufacturer was not contacted at the time of this call.

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Consumer dubbed complaining about having infection problems. Manufacturer was not contacted at the moment of this call.

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