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Does anyone knows where is the first O2 sensor located. I obtained a check engine light and a mechanic checked said is the o2 sensor and also will price $350 to change. Thanks!
What password was it? there is no the code we have actually no idea i m sorry O2 is bad. There are 2 of them. The code will certainly tell us what "bank" the sensor that is in concern is located.Any other information would help also together there room some differences in the manifolds in between the 2WD and also AWD ns beilive.
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It also matters even if it is its an 3MZ or 2GR engine, because the 2GR provides a wideband Ox sensor i beg your pardon is much an ext expensive.
Does the second generation have Air and also O2 sensors prefer the first gen Sienna? The prior sensor is on native manifold. Rear sensor is a b-itch to get at and also there is one O2 sensor top top exhaust. Obtain a scanner to discover out i m sorry one that is.Regards, JC.
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Are you referring to pre-cat and post-cat O2 sensors? Those are forced on every engines in order to accomplish OBD2 rules requiring onboard diagnostics because that cat failures.
Does the second generation have Air and also O2 sensors like the first gen Sienna? The former sensor is on from manifold. Behind sensor is a b-itch to obtain at and also there is one O2 sensor on exhaust. Gain a scanner to discover out which one the is.Regards, JC.
I, too, have an O2 sensor error. Mine is the bank 2 sensor 1 location. My understanding is the this is top top the passenger side off the manifold (radiator side) to in front of the cat. I have actually a second gen. Sienna 2004 LE through > 150,000 miles. It"s to be the ideal running vehicle I"ve had.Does anyone understand if this is complicated to change as a DIY project? that doesn"t look complicated as it has actually a plugin end and a threaded screw in end. I think it"s routed v some brackets and such but that doesn"t look at rocket scientific research either.My warning lights store going on, then turn off days in ~ a time. I haven"t checked for cracked compression hoses however (and it"s a sure think the dealership didn"t either, Grief!!!)Any thoughts out there??
What password was it? without the password we have actually no idea i beg your pardon O2 is bad. There room 2 that them. The code will tell united state what "bank" the sensor the is in concern is located.Any other details would assist also together there are some distinctions in the manifolds between the 2WD and AWD ns beilive.
Its the P2195, Sorry about the delaymy vehicle just after the 3 years warranty, right currently is 41 months. I want to obtain the extended warranty if that cover.
P2195/ waiting fuel ratio sensor stuck lean.Bank 1 sensor 1.An air/fuel proportion sensor looks prefer an O2 sensor however works off of different voltages. The place of this sensor is ~ above the backside of the engine (firewall) situated by the cylinder head before the converter. Friend will require to acquire at it from under the sienna. The dimension of the sensor is 22mm.I have seen in the previous aftermarket sensors being detailed as a "air/fuel" sensor however it transforms out to be an O2 sensor. The plugs are different so they are not interchangable.

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I don"t desire to hijack this thread but does anyone know the DENSO part number for financial institution 1 sensor 1 on one 2007 Sienna 3.5L FWD van?Thanks
Its probably 89467-08030, however you must give an ext info to be sure. That a wideband ox sensor, therefore pretty expensive. Make sure its bad, because ox sensors are the most needlessly replaced component on car engines.
Thanks. I"m obtaining a P2195 and a P0135 ~ above the van so I"m presume it"s that sensor. Is over there anyway to inspect the sensor come ensure it"s still functioning?
My 2007 just had the engine light, stability and also traction manage lights which in January. The was password p2197: wait fuel sensor bank 2 sensor 1. I have actually no code reader and also no endure in O2 sensors add to busy v work and it -15c at the time. Toyota fee me $45.20 to diagnose, had actually to order the component in at $206 and also install $90. For this reason in full 2 trips and $380 Canadian. My van only had actually 67000km. I would have let the go however the stability and traction regulate were disabled v this password in. Being winter time and also my mam drives it, i had actually it fixed. The dealer stated Ontario uses 300% much more O2 sensors than any other district or state. Castle blame the on ours fuel standards. He stated it was unexplained for a sensor to walk this early, but good news: The sensor had just to reduce in price native $385 come $206 simply a few weeks before because of so many complaints. Ns enquired around how countless sensors in total the Sienna had. 4 in total and also generally once one walk the remainder follows, but because mine was an oddity (early) he questioned i would have that issue. The just real great thing around it, the van gained washed twice, totally free coffee and also peace and quiet sitting in the wait room away from the wife and also kids.T