The check engine light, likewise known as the organization engine quickly light, come on once the on-board diagnostic device detects a difficulty with either the engine, emissions system, or transmission. 

A fault password gets save on computer in the Engine control Unit (ECU) and can be retrieved through an OBD-II scanner to uncover out what is wrong v the vehicle. 

Common causes of the check engine light:

Loose fuel capP0420 catalytic converter failureEmission control system failureO2 sensor failureDirty massive Air flow (MAF) sensor



 Air Bag Warning Light

The airbag light turns on as soon as you an initial turn on the ignition, but after a quick system check, it turns off if all the airbag components duty properly.

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If the airbag light stays, it method the airbags have been disabled and also may not deploy in instance of an accident. 

To troubleshoot the airbag light you will must read the fault codes v an airbag scanner. 

Common reasons of the waiting bag warning light:

Dead batteryFaulty clock springA damaged passenger load sensor

Engine Temperature Indicator

This is the warning prize indicating that the engine has overheated. Pullover immediately and also shut turn off the engine. Wait at least 30 minute or much more for the engine come cool down fully. 

Once the engine cools down, inspect the engine coolant level.

If the engine overheating continues, carry out not drive. Call an auto mechanic for advice or tow the car to one auto repair shop close to you. 

Common causes of the engine temperature indicator:

Coolant hose, heater core, or radiator leakBad thermostat or cooling fansFaulty engine coolant temperature sensorBad head gasket.Water pump failure

Charge device Trouble/Battery Warning Indicator

The battery cautions the driver over there is a problem with the charging system. If the battery light comes on, the car may close up door off once driving. 

Common reasons of the charging device warning indicator:

Alternator not chargingBroken serpentine beltBad battery not holding chargeLoose battery cable



Low Washer liquid Indicator

This light method that the windshield washer fluid is low. Locate and fill the reservoir, the light will certainly go turn off after filling. If it continues to be on the fluid sensor may be faulty/malfunctioning.


Low Fuel Indicator

This light way that the fuel level is low, and also you should add more fuel. Always shot to store the vehicle filled before the short fuel light comes on. Running a automobile low on fuel reasons the fuel pump to occupational harder and may bring about premature failure. If this light stays on after pour it until it is full it may be a faulty/malfunctioning fuel pump float or sending out unit, in which situation the fuel pump should be replaced.

Common causes of a low fuel indicator:

Low fuelFaulty fuel pump float/ sending out unit




Oil Warning Light

This light method there is low oil pressure. Pullover immediately and also shut turn off the engine. Wait at the very least 5 minutes, then examine the oil level v the engine off. If the oil level is low, include engine oil to bring the level in between the MIN and MAX marks of the dipstick. 

Do no drive the car or store it running on idle if the oil light remains on. Law so have the right to lead to significant engine problems. Contact an auto mechanic for advice or tow the car to a fix shop nearby. 

Common causes of the short oil warning light:

Bad oil push sending sensorFailed oil pumpWorn piston ringsBlocked oil passagesLow oil or oil that has turned come sludge native never transforming it

Brake Light

This light shows a problem with the brake system. It might be due to low brake liquid level or another issue v the brake system. 

Do no drive v the BRAKE irradiate on. Brakes may not job-related or role properly. Speak to an auto mechanic for advice and, if needed, tow the car to the the next auto fix shop. 

Common reasons of a brake light:

Brake mechanism malfunctionLow brake liquid levelThe parking brake is top top (light may illuminate yellow instead of red in this case)

Economy setting Operation Indicator

In economic situation mode, the auto will adjust engine and also transmission performance for the best fuel economy. 

For example, engine RPMs don"t reach high values, and transmission may transition earlier. This adjustments aid keep fuel usage down. 




Cruise control Indicator

This light method that the cruise regulate has been enabled. The car will store a consistent speed. Cruise regulate will turn off if you press the brakes. 

Note that in this case, over there is no adaptive cruise control. The vehicle will not save a safe street from the vehicle in front. 


High Beam Indicator

This light means the high beams are turned on. You should only usage this setting if you space the only car on the road. Carry out not store the high beams top top if you are coming in the contrary direction or various other vehicles in front of your vehicle. 

To rotate off the high beam, pull the turn switch towards the back of the vehicle. 





LaneSense Indicator

This light means that lanesense is enabled. This light should flash if you leaving the lane without transforming on the blinker. With lanesense on, if a vehicle is drifting over lane markers top top the road and there is no correction, the car will exactly itself back into the facility of the lane.

If the driver the the vehicle turns the steering wheel while lane-keeping is self-correcting it will certainly disengage and the driver will stay in control of the steering. Lane-keeping can also be turned turn off by pressing the switch on the dash. 


Stability manage Indicator

This light way that the stability manage has detect a fault. The vehicle can be driven however keep in psychic stability control has had actually an issue. If this light remains on ~ a few ignition cycles climate a trouble likely persists. 

Use an ABS Scanner to review the error codes from the ABS and also traction modules. 

Faulty steering angle or wheel rate sensors/contaminated sensorsFaulty ABS systemFaulty power steering systemEngine troubles such as misfiring cylinders

 Electronic strength Steering Trouble 

This light way there is a problem with the digital power steering. The auto is tho driveable, but it will certainly take greater initiative to rotate the wheel. That is most likely the car needs organization if this warning appears. Usage an OBDII scan tool capable of scanning the digital power steering regulate module (EPSM) come retrieve diagnostic trouble codes.


Anti-Lock Brake device Fault Indicator

This light means that the anti-lock brake system has actually been disabled. In many cases, the problem is due to a bad ABS wheel speed sensor. When the auto can it is in driven, the anti-lock brake role is disabled, and also the auto may take longer to carry to a complete stop and may skid under tough braking or if there is rain or snow on the road. 

To discover out why her Chrysler ABS irradiate is on, usage an ABS scanner to check out the error codes from the ABS manage Module. Share OBD-II scanner may not be able to read the human body module of a Chrysler. 

Common causes of the ABS light:

Faulty ABS wheel rate sensorBroken ABS wheel ring

Tire push Monitor Indicator

This light way there is short tire press in one of the tires. Check the tire pressure and correct that to lug it to the recommended air pressure, as displayed on the sticker ~ above the driver"s door frame. 

Common causes of the TPMS light:

One or much more underinflated tires.A faulty tire pressure monitor device sensor

Turn Signal Indicator

This light way the rotate signals space on. If both turn signals are flashing, the is because the risk lights space turned on. Rotate off the risk by pushing the orange triangle top top the dashboard. If the revolve signal desk lamp is flashing rapidly it shows a negative bulb. If the lamp is grounding solid it is usually a negative switch or circuit.

Common rotate signal issues:

The turn signal move is faulty. Burnt out/ poor turn signal bulb

Door Ajar

This light means that among the doors is open up or is not closed completely. Pullover, park the vehicle, and check come ensure all the doors are completely closed. 

Common causes of the door ajar indicator:

Worn-out door latches/ strikersFaulty door ajar sensor



Hybrid Charging Indicator

This light come on in hybrid and also electric vehicles. The plug light might be red, yellow, or blink white while the battery is gift charged. As soon as the battery is totally charged, the plug light turns green. Eliminate the charger and the light will turn off. 


Park Lamps on Indicator

This light way the parking lights have been turned on. Revolve the headlight move to a different position to move to headlamps or rotate the lamp off. This will rotate the parking lights and also the indicator lamp off.


Seat Belt Reminder

This light way that the BeltAlert warning sequence has been activated. The warning will have an audible chime. One or more passenger in the auto has not fastened your seat belt. Because that the warning lamp and also chime to go off have actually the passenger buckle your seatbelt. Alternatively, BeltAlert deserve to be deactivated by the dealer.

Common reasons of chair belt reminder issues:

Faulty seat belt sensorFaulty seat push sensorSeatbelt no fastened

Stability control OFF Indicator

This light means that stability manage has to be turned off. Stability regulate may have actually been rotate off since you pressed the switch on the dashboard, or there is a trouble with the system. If this desk lamp stays on ~ the ignition is in the ~ above position and also the car is running the stability manage system is disengaged due to a fault. A professional-grade OBDII scan tool will be necessary to read the body diagnostic trouble codes stored.

Common reasons of stability manage malfunction:

Faulty steering angle or wheel speed sensors/contaminated sensorsFaulty ABS systemFaulty strength steering systemEngine problems such as misfiring cylinders

Trunk Ajar Indicator

This light way the trunk is still open. Near the tribe securely for this indicator to go off. If it still stays on after ~ shutting correctly then there is a fault.

Common reasons of stems ajar indicator:

Worn-out tribe latches/ strikersFaulty stems ajar sensor

Security Indicator

This light means the security device is equipped or gift armed. While being armed the light will flash fast for fifteen seconds. Once set, the warning will continue to speed every three secs until disarmed.


Electronic Park Brake problem Indicator

This light way there is trouble v the electronic parking brake. That will continue to be on the dash till the parking brake mechanism is serviced. It have the right to be diagnosed with an automotive scan tool. 

Common causes of digital parking brake failure:

Park brake module failureImproper cable adjustmentWorn-out/low park brake shoesGreater electrical/wiring failure

Electronic Throttle manage Indicator

This light method a difficulty with the electronic Throttle manage (ETC) system has actually occurred. Pull end when feasible and cycle the ignition to reset the throttle. Watch if the difficulty still persists. If the light remains on the automobile will must be serviced. Have actually the diagnostic problem codes review with an OBDII scanner.


Speed Warning Indicator

This light method a collection speed has been exceeded. This warning light have the right to be adjusted to every little thing speed the driver sets. It readjusted or turned off in the information screen settings. Describe the owner hand-operated for more information on where to revolve it off.


Loose Gas lid Indicator

This light means the gas lid was not tightened or has actually been left off. Inspect the gas cap to view if it"s correctly tightened and drive the automobile an ignition cycle to view if the light goes off. If the gas to be overfilled the is also possible it sets this off till the gas has had actually time come evaporate native the charcoal canister.


KeySense Indicator

This light way the key fob is in use. It will stay lit because that the whole drive cycle until the engine is turned off. If this light goes off while driving the is an indication the crucial fob is no much longer being detected.

Common causes of a keysense indicator light:

The an essential fob battery is dead.The crucial fob has actually been damaged or is faulty.It is also possible the module analysis the key fob is faulty, however it is less likely.



Forward Collision alert Indicators

This light means that the forward collision warning is active. Front collision will try to mitigate any type of oncoming front finish collision by braking and also decelerating the vehicle. If over there is an exclamation the forward collision system has failed. 

A failing forward collision system might be led to by:

Bad forward cameraBad sonar sensorFault with ABS or brakes




 Adaptive Cruise Control

This light way that adaptive cruise manage (ACC) is on. When this is active the auto will cruise in ~ a collection speed and also will sluggish down if pull close a auto in prior of it.

If the exclamation point is alongside the adaptive cruise manage light that means there is a fault and it needs to be serviced. Diagnostic trouble codes can be scanned with an ABS scan tool.



Master Warning Light

The master warning light means there is a typical fault happening. Examine the dash for a message detailing the problem. This blog post will appear on the information screen every time the ignition is turn on. Fix the trouble causing the error for the grasp warning irradiate to walk off. 

Common reasons of the master warning light on a Toyota vehicle:

No crucial warningLow windshield-washer fluid warningParking brake release warning Door/trunk open up warningLoose fuel capLow tire push warning




Auto Start-Stop Indicator

This light method the auto start-stop duty has had a fault. Have actually the auto scanned through a experienced OBDII scan tool. The vehicle will should be serviced to rotate off this warning indicator. If the light came on after ~ a brand-new battery install, it may be the wrong type of battery bring about the problem.


Hybrid all set Indicator

This light way the hybrid vehicle"s system checks have actually passed. It is all set to drive and will use the hybrid battery power and EV motor as long as this irradiate is active. If the ready light goes off on a hybrid auto it may be out of strength or can not to drive.


Hybrid service Indicator

This light way the hybrid-electric device needs to it is in serviced. Have actually the system scanned v a experienced OBDII scan tool to traction the save on computer hybrid mechanism diagnostic trouble codes. Take it the car to a trained hybrid technician to it is in serviced.


Hybrid strength Limitation Indicator 

This warning illuminates when automobile acceleration is limited due to a reduction in electric motor performance. This happens once the vehicle"s hybrid battery fee is very low. Pullover or obtain to the nearest charging station. If this light stays on after ~ charging the hybrid vehicle will need to be serviced.

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Fog Light Indicator

This light means mean the prior fog lights room turned on. To turn off the fog lamp and indicator, push the headlight switch regulate knob. 

The objective of many of these lights on a Chrysler is to notify the driver when a mechanism is enabled. 

A few of this lights show a problem or malfunction and inform the driver that that specific system has been disabled.

To uncover out what is wrong v these systems, use an All device Chrysler Scanner to check out the fault codes native the corresponding module. 

Note that most OBD-II scanners can only reach examine engine codes and also are no able to diagnose various other systems such as airbags, ABS, traction control, etc.