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G"day guys,My drivers seat to be squeeking real bad (Nissan would not solve it also though is still under warranty) so i took it out this arvo and fixed the problem. But when I placed it in again the airbag warning light flashes on the dash (owners hand-operated says that this way there a problem).I checked the airbag fuse and also its OK. I additionally disconnected the -ve battery lead to reset the ECU but this still didn"t work. The connection for the seat airbag look at fine. The seatbelt waring light is part of the saem connector and works fine.WHAT have actually I DONE????Look front to hear from who soon.CheersClint :helpsmilie: silver "03 Track

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Thanks Smooth Z - I have defiently dne this and also there is still a problem. The cable jack for the airbag is the exact same jack together for the seatbelt warning light. The seatbelt warning light works so the airbag need to work????Im acquiring pretty worried now Clint

Take it to the dealership and also pretend prefer you never ever touched that :wink:
Any other suggestions? ns did loosen the seatbelt clicker bolt (because this is where the squeek to be coming from - quit after i greased it). Thought it was exciting that it was attached to the seat and also not the floor?The bolt would certainly not cancel the whole method so ns didnt pressure it. The handbook says that the belt pretensioner is component of the airbag circuit. Could this have anything to do with it?????
BUMP^^^^^^^^^^^ having same problem. Dealership says they have to reset it. $35. If ns would have kept mine mouth shut and waited it spins they replaced the plastics on the seat then say castle did that it would have been free. Ns wonder if i construct a OBDII converter for computer if any one has software come reset this because it is not just a conventional sensor? any thoughts
This solved it for me Eletech. Monitor it carefully and use a stop watch if possible. It take it me quite a few goes to pond it however it operated in the end! 1. Rotate ignition move from off to on2. Within 1 sec the airbag warning lamp gift on because that 7 seconds and also then turns off, revolve the turn off the ignition switch3. ~ iginition switch is turned off, wait 3 seconds4. Repeat procedures 1-3 double (3 full times)5. Rotate on ignition switchCheers RGS AKA Clint
Hey thanks, this really worked. And ur certainly right u have to obtain the time down just right. Does this average that the airbags aren"t gonna work currently though? cause i take it my automobile to the dealership and also said it would expense $130 to look at it even though i currently told them wuz up.

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Using a stopwatch is not necessary. I offered the an approach below i beg your pardon is comparable to the one metioned above. Much simpler to do and should job-related on the first try.Flashing Blinking Airbag Warning light Reset Procedure--------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Rotate the key from off to on.2. Clock the airbag irradiate closely. That will continue to be on because that a couple of secs. And also then as soon as it blinks turn off (the begin of the flashing), rotate the vital off instantly.3. Count to 5 (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi . . . .)4. Repeat measures 1-3 two an ext times until you have done the cycle three times.5. Currently turn the crucial on and also watch the light. The will begin blinking in a different, slow manner. This is diagnostic mode. You deserve to watch this because that a little while, no hurry.6. Currently turn the crucial off again, count to 5 prefer in step 3 again, and also turn back on. If the procedure worked, the airbag light will certainly not be flashing.