AProtected Component
120except Base: power Outlet - Console
3- -
420"07→: Transmission regulate Module
520except Base: Sunroof
640Diesel ("06): Wastegate Solenoid, Drive fan Radiator
105.9 L Diesel ("07→): Wastegate Solenoid, Drive pan Radiator
715SRT: Solenoid turning back Lock Out
810Mirror external Rearview Driver
930Power Wagon: last Drive manage Module
105except SRT: Clutch Interlock move (Manual Transmission), Engine regulate Module (Diesel), Transmission range Sensor (3.7 together Magnum V6, 6.7 l Cummins, 5.9 l Cummins), transmission Solenoid/TRS Assembly (4.7 together Magnum V8 and also 5.7 L hemi V8), Powertrain manage Module (Gasoline)
1120Radio, Media device (Monitor/DVD), Data attach Connector, Hands-Free Module, Satellite Receiver, Cluster, Sentry key Remote entrance Module, Underhood Lamp, Wireless control Module, electronic Overhead Module
1230Brake supplication Module (Trailer Tow)
1325Anti-Lock Brakes Module (AWAL)
1415Left prior Park/Turn Lamp
1520Trailer Tow
1615Right prior Park/Turn Lamp
17- -
1840Anti-Lock Brakes Module (AWAL)
1930Trailer Tow
2010Occupant Restraint Controller Module
2110Passenger Airbag On/Off Switch, Occupant Restraint Controller Module
222Push switch Starter switch (Ignition Switch)
2310Electronic Overhead Module (except Base), Heating and Air air conditioning Control
2420SRT: Subwoofer Amplifier

DC/DM: Transmission regulate Relay

2510Window/Door Lock switch - Driver Side, transition Motor/Mode Sensor Assembly (4.7 l Magnum V8 and also 5.7 L hem V8)
2615"06: stop Lamp Switch
20"07→: protect against Lamp Switch
2740Power chair (Driver seat Switch, Passenger seat Switch)
2810Powertrain regulate Module (Gasoline), Engine control Module (Diesel), Anti-Lock Brakes Module ("06), Sentry vital Remote entry Module (except base ("06)), stop Lamp Switch, EVAP Purge Solenoid (SRT), Steering edge Sensor
2910except strength Wagon: Gateway Module (SRT), Transfer case Selector Switch, Door Lock move - Passenger Side, inside Rear see Mirror, Engine Oil Temperature Gauge (SRT)
10Power Wagon: last Drive regulate Module
3015"07→: ABS, last Drive manage Module (5.7 Off-Road), Dynamics Sensor
3115except SRT ("06): shift Motor and Mode Sensor Assembly (ETC), Powertrain manage Module (Gasoline)
10"07→"08: Powertrain manage Module
15"08←"09: Powertrain manage Module
3210Heating and Air conditioning Control, adjustable Pedals switch (except Base), Heated seats Switch (except Base), Tire push Transponder
3310"07→: Heating and Air air conditioning Control
34- -
3625Radio (Premium) Amplifier
37156.7 l Cummins: Turbo Shutdown Relay (Smart strength Relay)
3820except SRT: strength Outlet
3910Subwoofer Amplifier (SRT), seat Belt tension Reducer - Driver side (Standard Cab (except SRT))
4020Base: strength Outlet - tool Panel, power Outlet - reduced Console ("07→)
41- -
4230Diesel: Engine regulate Module


Fuse crate Layout Dodge ram 1500, 2500, 3500 engine: 3.7L, 4.7L, 5.7L, 5.9L, 6.7L and also 8.3L SRT (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009; constant Cab, Quad Cab or Mega Cab Dually)