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Do ours cars have a fuel filter? The dealer told me its located inside the fuel tank and also doesn"t must be replaced. I believed that was strange, for this reason what happens when the filter is full?
They have to take the fuel tank apart, and also replace it. That is really costly, i had actually to do that with my s-10.
oh, man, i can"t mental the specific amount, the was like seven years ago. I want to say it was atleast $500.
I"ll asking the dealer tomorrow...I have to carry it in to replace the intermediate steering shaft. I guess I"m walking to need to use fuel device cleaner every oil adjust if an altering the filter costs that much.
According to the dealer over there no filter...but over there is other in the fuel tank the strains the fuel and doesn"t have to be replaced. An additional thing i learned is that there is no PCV valve in ours cars. Contaminants have actually to obtain trapped part where...I hope its not in the engine.
Man why would GM not placed a fuel filter on this car? No wonder lock are having actually so much trouble. Every the crap in the fuel that we get and also they don"t put a fuel filter ~ above it!!!!

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naw,, the fuel pump puts out means more than sufficient pressure, over there is a fuel push regulator ~ above the motor that limits to a particular pressure because that the injectors.

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I would love come know an ext about the "filter" and if anyone plan on transforming it anytime? Is this miscellaneous one must be overly came to about? I"m already taking the in
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