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hey guys, my TC is a 2005 and also I have actually put around 40k ~ above it. Last night I obtained in and the examine engine light come on. I checked my gas cap and fluids and also all that and the car seems to journey okay. Does anyone recognize what it might possibly be. I just want an idea b4 i bring it to the dealership. Thanks!!
Yea once you obtain the password read, come back here and also look it up on the site. We"ve acquired the full trouble code list

autozone stated its a small leak in the emission control system, yet that it might be mine gas cap that is defective......can anyone shed some irradiate on this for me. Thanks
mdnyc05 wrote: autozone claimed its a small leak in the emission control system, however that it might be my gas cap that is defective......can anyone shed some light on this for me. ThanksA most times, if the CEL comes on appropriate after you obtain gas or at the very least 1 day after you acquire gas, the best means to clean it is to remove your cap, let that vent for a few seconds, and also then steady tighten it. Next, drive about 10-15 miles and also that will aid reset the readiness point out in the ECM. If the was the problem, the CEL will certainly go turn off on that is own.
mdnyc05 wrote: many thanks ill try that. If that doesn"t work-related is the a serious trouble with my emissions system?No, it"s just a tiny vacuum leak. A the majority of times, your carbon canister can become the worry if you overfill her gas tank. But, that would certainly come up together a tough fault because that the canister or a clog in the device (evap emission device efficiency below threshold).I would need to say it"s most most likely the gas cap. Go the irradiate come on a job or 2 ~ you gained gas?
i gased up saturday at about 9pm and also I additionally put in a STP treatment before fueling up. The light came on critical night, so figure 3 job
mdnyc05 wrote: i gased increase saturday at about 9pm and also I likewise put in a STP treatment prior to fueling up. The light come on last night, so number 3 daysI would certainly still examine the cap. You may not have actually tightened it enough and it is a little loose.
i had the very same code top top was just the gas cap...had the code cleared and also so far i havent had any type of cel
exactly how long back did u readjust ur oil??.....when ns dont readjust my oil it lamp up i do that a lot i usually dont change oil till it it s okay over 8000 mile lmao
After girlfriend disconnect the battery and also reconnect it, don"t it is in surprised if the auto doesn"t start the an initial time. It might choke and also staul but that"s ok. After it starts up, let it idle for 5 minutes and also then journey it for about 20 mile to reset the readiness codes. This will help reset the ECM and also all economic climate settings.

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