Most Scion vehicles room equipped through an electronic computer system system linked to the dashboard, that tells motorists when other in the engine requirements to be looked at. Even if it is the dashboard lights trigger to phone call a driver the windshield wiper fluid is low, or over there is short fuel in the tank, the driver should respond come the worry as quickly as feasible to resolve the issue. If the driver neglects a service light, such as the “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” light, that or she runs the danger of damaging the engine, or worse - ending up stranded on the next of the road or leading to an accident.

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For this reasons, performing every scheduled and recommended maintenance on your auto is imperative to keep it to run well so you can avoid the plenty of untimely, inconvenient, and possibly expensive repairs that come native neglect. Luckily, the days of scratching your head and also performing diagnostics to discover the organization light’s trigger are gone. Scion’s maintenance required system is a simplistic on-board computer system that alerts owners about certain maintenance demands so lock can attend to the concern promptly and without hassle. At its most straightforward level, that keeps track of engine oil life so friend don’t have to. As soon as the maintenance required system is triggered, the driver knows to schedule an meeting to take it the car in for servicing.

How Scion’s maintenance compelled system works and also what to expect

The sole duty of Scion’s maintenance forced system is as a reminder for the driver to take it their vehicle in for an oil change. The computer system monitor the engine mile from the moment it was reset, and the irradiate will cause after 5,000 mile of driving. Because the device is no algorithm-driven choose other more advanced maintain reminder systems, it does not take right into account the differences between light and extreme driving conditions, pack weight, towing, or weather problems - essential variables that affect oil life. Since of this, the is command to be mindful of your driving problems throughout the year and, together necessary, have actually a professional determine whether or no your car needs servicing relying on your specific, most constant driving conditions.

Certain driving behavior can influence the life the the oil, and driving conditions such together temperature and driving terrain. Lighter, an ext moderate steering conditions and also temperatures will need less frequent oil changes and also maintenance, while much more severe driving conditions will require much more frequent oil changes and maintenance. Listed below is a valuable table that can offer you one idea the how regularly you can need to readjust the oil in a modern-day vehicle (older vehicles could require an ext frequent oil changes).


When the “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” irradiate is triggered and also you schedule an meeting to have your automobile serviced, Scion proposal a series of inspections that will assist keep your auto in great running order that can help prevent untimely and also costly damages to the engine.

Below is a perform of Scion’s encourage inspections for different mile intervals throughout your ownership:


Once her Scion has actually been serviced, the “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” light will have to be reset. Some servicers will disregard to perform this, which can lead to premature and unnecessary company light triggers. With only a few simple steps, you have the right to learn how to perform it yourself:

Step 1: Insert the crucial into the ignition and also turn the automobile to the “ON” position. Perform not start the engine.

Step 2: Make certain the “Trip A” is analysis on the odometer. If it is not, depress the “Trip” or “Reset” switch until the odometer reads “Trip A.”

Step 3: Press and hold the “Trip” or “Reset” button. When you are holding the button down, revolve the car off and then rotate it ago to the “ON” position, proceeding to organize the button down.

The odometer should display a series of dashes the will appear one after ~ the other. After that, a collection of “0”s (zeroes) will display and also the “Trip A” analysis will return. You can now relax the button.

The “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” light have to be off, and also the computer will now begin accumulating miles from zero. As soon as it get 5,000 miles again, the “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” light will turn on.

While the maintenance forced system deserve to be used as a reminder to the driver to have actually the car serviced, it need to be considered as a guideline that depends on how the auto is driven and under what control conditions. Other recommended maintenance details is based upon standard time tables situated in the owner’s manual. Ideal maintenance service will greatly expand the life the a vehicle, ensuring the is reliable, safe to drive, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and will also administer a higher resale value.Such maintenance work should always be perform by a qualified technician. If you have any kind of doubts as to what the Scion maintenance device notifications average or what services your auto may need, execute not hesitate to contact our experienced specialists for advice.

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If your Scion maintenance forced system is indicating that your auto is all set for servicing, have actually it checked out by a certified mechanic, such together one indigenous Click here, select your vehicle and also service or company package, and also book one appointment with us today. Among our certified mechanics will involved your home or office to company your vehicle.