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Hi everyone,If you have an owner hands-on for 2008 Sienna, ns would very appreciate if girlfriend can help checking on power steering fluid.I am brand-new to the forum. I have a 2008 Sienna which ns bought used, and don"t have the owner manual. Ns am in the process of flushing out strength steering fluid however not sure what type of fluid is ideal for it. I asked the dealer"s component department. The answer is any kind of strength steering liquid off the shelve is fine, while many articles on the internet and also youtube video clip clips saying to use various other type.Thanks.
Dex/merc. I constantly use Valvoline MaxLife dex/merc full fabricated fluid. Usage 1qt to flush and a 2nd to refill. Ns go 1 step further and install a magnefine filter in the return line. This will protect your pump and also rack from seal death debri.
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i recently flushed our 2004 steering fluid using artificial redline PSF. The dexron III spec liquid I provided previously always resulted in slim steering whine. Redline looks and feels a little less viscous and seems to perform lot better, so ns recommend making use of redline. Greg
Oh no. Couldn"t wait for the answer, so I acquired 3 quarts of common PSF and flushed it. Now, it"s every done. Hopefully there is not a real problem.Thanks guys.

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Oh no. Couldn"t wait because that the answer, therefore I acquired 3 quarts of common PSF and flushed it. Now, it"s every done. Hopefully there is no a real problem.Thanks guys.
Flushed our 2004 sienna power steering fluid again 4 year later...again offered Redline psf after an initial feeding one quart the valvoline maxlife with it. Ns simply have my wife briefly begin the vehicle while I add fluid quickly. If you perform use the starter method, execute not run it lengthy as it will certainly suck fluid through very quickly and also start frothing if you"re no careful.Greg
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