Your automobile requires motor oil in stimulate to carry out properly. In at the very least this one respect, your BMW is simply like any kind of other auto on the roads near Redwood City and Burlingame. Knowing how to check your car’s oil is essential, yet the procedures you have to take in her BMW might be a small different indigenous what you’re supplied to. Although you can always get under the hood and check the dipstick, we’ll present you just how to make the many of her BMW vehicle or SUV’s digital oil screen below.

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How to check the Oil Level in your BMW

New BMW vehicles use a condition-based company monitor in stimulate to assist you treatment for your automobile on schedule. If you simply want to be certain that you’re an excellent to go, you deserve to look because that the BMW oil light on her dashboard:

A red oil light is trying to tell you that your oil pressure is low, and that you need to take immediate action.

If friend don’t check out a light, yet you desire to make sure you’re topped off, here’s how to examine your car’s oil level:

Turn your auto on and let the engine run. Make certain you’re parked on level ground.Your steering wheel controls enable you come cycle through the display alternatives beneath her gauges. Click v until you watch the oil lamp.Press the BC button to enter. A small bar have to pop increase on screen, through a clock beneath it.When the clock hands prevent moving, you’ll have the ability to read your oil level.If you see a +1 (or some other number), you have to add much more motor oil. If you view “MAX,” her level is full.

Older vehicles permit you to inspect the oil level using a dipstick, and also most brand-new BMW models additionally include one. One of two people way, this job is even easier than rotating your tires at home. Examine your owner’s hand-operated for details.

How come Add an ext Oil to her BMW

Now the you’ve learned how to inspect the oil level in your BMW, friend may have actually realized the it’s time to add more oil! Although you can always schedule business to have an expert take care of the issue, adding more oil manually is a fairly simple task:

Turn off the ignition and give your auto a moment to cool down.Pop her BMW vehicle’s hood, and locate the oil filler cap.Unscrew the cap, but be careful! If you haven’t waited long enough, it may be warm to the touch.Add an ext oil making use of a funnel. Work-related slowly, and use her dipstick to inspect the level as you go.

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For much more DIY Tips, turn to Peter Pan BMW

Whether you’re wondering how to change a vehicle tire or you simply want come learn much more about your BMW business schedule, just how to eliminate corrosion native a battery, or wherein to acquire a BMW oil change, ours team is happy come answer your questions. Must stop in for a rapid fix? Make sure to inspect out our organization specials before you do the expedition from san Francisco or Palo Alto.