Engine Cooling trouble 4 cyl former Wheel journey Automatic I have a 2007 Chevy cobalt LS through a 2.2 liter ecotec engine, ns am having problems with the coolant temperature sensor. I have actually replaced the sensor twice currently and it proceeds to action up. It will certainly not read as soon as the external temperature is below 60 levels Fahrenheit. If I start it from a cold begin then drive for a couple of miles it will review up come 170F° climate it will hover roughly 165 come 170 then it will obtain stuck top top a random temperature in in between Then it will certainly read adhered to by the radiator fan coming on and running constantly. After all of this happens the engine light will certainly come on after ~ a few more miles. Deserve to someone please aid me?

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Did an ext research and it appears to it is in a common issue v these Cobalts, although ns am not finding a solution, however I have discovered that instead of the coolant sensor and also replacing the computer has NOT fixed the worry in the past. Instead of the thermostat is what ns am leaning towards, the tstat is around 20 bucks new and rather basic to replace.
Yes, typically I don"t throw stuff out there but the engine coolant analysis is fairly simple collection up and also from all the research I read online and from what girlfriend have described it yes, really leans me come the tstat. Let me know exactly how it goes and if you need measures on replacing the tstat ns can get those too
Not precisely sure whereby the thermostat is on my vehicle until i noticed the diagram girlfriend gave. Ns was as soon as told to follow the top radiator hose and also it must be at the finish of that.
The thermostat is located behind the engine under the exaust manifold ~ above the motorists side. Simply look because that the water pump tube and also you will uncover it.
thats the jist of the , obtaining to that is the ...not yes, really the hard component but the moment consuming part. Right here are part instructions to aid .. remove the entry manifold cover: eliminate the engine oil fill cap. master the intake manifold covering by the lower right inboard corner and pull approximately disengage the cover native the stud. understand the intake manifold cover by the top left corner and also pull as much as disengage the cover native the stud. remove the intake manifold cover. drain the cooling system. Reposition the radiator outlet water tap clamp in ~ the thermostat cover. eliminate the radiator outlet water tap from the thermostat cover. Reposition the radiator surging tank outlet hose clamp at the thermostat cover. remove the radiator rise tank outlet hose from the thermostat cover. Reposition the radiator outlet hose clamp (1) in ~ the thermostat cover. remove the radiator outlet hose from the thermostat cover. eliminate the thermostat covering bolts and cover. remove the thermostat. Remove and also discard the thermostat sheathe O-ring seal.



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many thanks you the thermostat appeared to perform the trick it is every fixed, many thanks a million guys, this website rocks.