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I have looked and looked and also i can not find the true place on the crankshaft, have the right to anyone aid me please? The reason is due to the fact that my inspect engine irradiate is on and also i gain the codes p0008, p0017, p0018. I gives me the camshaft sensors and also crankshaft sensor. Correct this is how i feeling :banghead: , please help?

The engine has actually one crankshaft situated in the bottom of the engine block just above the oil pan. The engine also has 4 camshafts located in the peak of the cylinder heads - 2 top top the left and also 2 ~ above the appropriate (or prior & rear of the engine bay, depending on how you look in ~ it).The codes imply that there"s a trouble with the timing chains which journey the camshafts. Could want come visit a dealer"s service department and see what their folks have to say around the problem.
Is it hard to obtain to or replace? ns did go to dealer and they said me the timing chain might have to be stretched. Ns didn"t recognize that a can can stretch. And also that my the actuators can be messed it.


Why carry out you desire to want to replace a sensor when the codes and also the dealer space telling you it is the time chain?
Because the code is informing me the the sensor is the reason. I have had actually the crankshaft and camshaft sensor come increase on both times. The dealer told me that very same thing in ~ first. Climate he said me the it can be the time chain since it is not the camshaft sensors, that said an extremely rarely the they readjust the camshaft so he was reasoning the timing to be off. Yet my vechile runs and also starts normally. He likewise said that it was running lean, guessing thru the crankshaft sensor. I know that is not good. Difficult on the engine. So i figured readjust it first then if the engie light does no go off, then guess ns will have to take to dealer and also spend $2500 to replace the change and every the components.

The codes are only telling you that the sensors space receiving "out that range" data and sending that details to the car"s computer system system. These data could lead to conditions which call the sensors other is mechanically dorn - it"s no necessarily an electrical malfunction of a details sensor.
You may have special vouch coverage the 10 years or 120000 miles on her 2009 Acadia if the timing chain is bad. Inspect with your dealer that should know for sure if friend are indeed covered or not. Below is a copy of the letter sent to owners ago in 2012 around the distinct coverage.
Changing sensors based on what the code reader tells you can lead to a disappointed result. If over there is a correlation issue in between the electronic came shaft sensor and crank sensor, if might mean a faulty sensor, sure, but it can mean a worn AKA stretched timing chain. A ideal diagnosis by a an excellent tech have the right to confirm the root problem.

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If you"re really bent on transforming sensors, friend can find locations of the sensors (both cam and crank) ~ above diagrams in this thread:
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