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I have actually a 2006 Hyundai Elantra.I walk not add an alert system, so the only alarm is the scare alarm.Almost indigenous the start, the scare alarm will go off by itself, and using panic button on the remote will not revolve it off. You have to unlock the doors through the remote to execute so. However, as soon as you push the lock button, it will certainly go off again. This deserve to go on with 10 cycles or more.I can"t turn it off favor I deserve to with a true alarm device - or can I?Is over there any method to stop the scare alarm walk off?

Check the hood switch. Basically the car thinks who is trying to break into it. It"s not just a panic alarm, the auto will sound the alert if that is locked through the far (which eight the alarm) and something opens.There is a switch for each door, the hood, and the trunk. If it to be a door switch, her dome light would certainly be on. If it were the tribe switch, you"d watch the trunk irradiate on the dash. So, that pipeline the hood switch. It"s pretty usual actually.Replacement pad because that the move is less than $3. An ext info:
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On this issue... Is it regular for the alarm to walk off if the vehicle is locked with the fob and also unlocked v the key? ("05 Elantra)

Yes. The alarm have the right to only it is in armed/disarmed by the remote. So, if you arm it through the remote, then unlock the door v the key, it will not it is in disarmed. The vehicle things someone may have actually just damaged the home window and unlocked the door to gain in. It"s a very simple alarm system.
Past: 2002 Elantra GLS (sold in 2010), 2003 Tiburon GT (Sold in 2014)Present: 2004 Santa Fe GLS, 2004 Saab 9-3 Arc, 2010 Suzuki Equator SportFuture: ????

take her hood bumber nub thingys the black color rubber ones and also screw them under all the way! i did that when I started having actually the same difficulty it to be the wonder cure and it to be free!
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I have actually a comparable problem v a 2007 Elantra. We have actually taken it to a neighborhood garage and also they observed the Bulletin and also replaced the hood bumper. Still went off. Take it it to the dealership twice and they say they deserve to not help until that goes off while there and of food it never ever went off over 5 days. We have replaced the battery. It went off twice now again! No dome light and the only lights on the dashboard were the flashers. Ns am obtaining frustrated. What is the design? have asked just how to simply disable the alarm and get told they can"t carry out that