electrical problem2006 Pontiac cool Prix 6 cyl automatically 68000 milesHello, I just bought this car. The trunk will not open up unless you crawl right into the trunk native the inside and also open it. As soon as you push the trunk switch on the door and also on the far it simply makes a click sound under the dash from the module. I believed at an initial it can have to be wires. However, the other day i tried the remote and it opened up the trunk prefer 4 time in a row. After the it wouldnt and hasnt opened up it again and also it has actually never opened up using the switch within on the door. What could the difficulty be? Thanks.

I"ve answered your inquiry dunno what happened to it. Okay examine the turn/hazard fuse 20amp in the I/P fuse block behind the right side the dash in glove box opening. This fuse strength the BCMIf okay discover the body manage module behind left next of dash , left the steering column inspect power on the BCM orange wireIf the wiring space okay come it and also have power to the BCM top top the orange cable -either the BCM is defective or the remote control door lock recipient behind appropriate side the the dash-NOTE: If you don"t have actually an electrical skills my advise is bring it in-or perform a trial and error ~ above this contents by substitutionSee diagram below



many thanks rasmataz because that all your help. ~ checking and also following every wires for damaged ones or shed ones. We supplied jumper cables hooking them up from the trunk plug in to the computer module and were may be to jump the wires to make the stems come open. We room assuming that this means the body regulate module is bad. Would that be a good assumption. Permit me recognize what friend think. If so, i will get a brand-new one and replace the old one. Thanks alot.

Its an excellent place to begin that"s the one the controls the trunk-all signals need to go thru the BCM before anything wake up to the tribe

Hey rasmataz, as soon as you change a body regulate module perform you have to acquire it reprogrammed? that a 2006 continuous grand prix. I had actually to reprogram the theft deterrent mechanism so I can start it. However now the radio is locked and the dic states to "service use brake sensor soon". I put the old one earlier in to see if that blog post would popular music up and it no so i put ago in the new one and called a mechanic in ~ the regional dealership and also he said it had to it is in reprogrammed yet he claimed he hasnt done one yet. Does the really have to be reprogrammed and also if so, have the right to I do it myself? Or have to I just replace the brake sensor because that would be cheaper? execute you know just how I can get the code to unlock mine radio because that free? thanks ras.
, when you replace a body regulate module execute you have to gain it reprogrammed? yes it demands reflashing by using the Tech2 you might get happy on the radio will certainly come earlier on-if no you require the radio number attached to the unit so that the dealer will look it up and also give friend the unlock code-
Hey ras. Perform you have a clue how long this must take a dealership to do? choose how numerous hours so I understand that the neighborhood one not screw me over. Im talking around getting the bcm flashed. And also is a tech 2 a scanner? thanks
A gm technology 2 scanner is a full, engine /transmission /body /abs /sir/havc /and various other things scanner. Its GM advanced scantoolDunno exactly how long it will certainly take them but normally its one hour
Electrical Problem2006 Pontiac cool Prix Automatic ns Took It to A Shop and They claimed That The Wiring had actually Shorted. I must Know...

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